Zippo’s Newest Products Definitely Don’t Disappoint

Zippo might be known for its Butane items, but the iconic company has created some innovative products that you’ll certainly want to keep in your pocket.

This winter is looking to be the coldest yet, and not everyone enjoys gloves. Most of us also carry our smartphones in our jackets, so why not stay warm AND connected with Zippo’s HeatBank 9s? The latest addition to Zippo’s fleet of reusable hand warmers, the HeatBank 9s can run for nine hours on a single charge, with six heat settings to a gentle warmth of up to 120°F/50°C.

Zippo’s Newest Products Definitely Don’t Disappoint

Working on both sides, the HeatBank 9s works at the press of a button and a great solution for any commute in cold weather or even standing outside during a football game.

What’s more, the hand warmer doubles as a portable charger, with it’s 5200mAh lithium-ion battery that can charge up any smartphone or tablet (cable not included). Its curved design situates in hand or in pocket with ease, and it comes in Champagne, Black and Silver to fit your personal style.

Zippo’s Newest Products Definitely Don’t Disappoint

Zippo has also partnered with WOODCHUCK on an amazing windproof lighter collection, each of which features sustainably sourced wood emblems. Sold directly from the Zippo Fight Fire with Fire collection, each lighter sold will directly contribute to the restoration and protection of forests around the world and come with its own certificate and unique code so you can see where your tree is planted around the world. The Zippo Fight Fire with Fire Collection ranges between $45.95-$62.95.

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