Kanex GoPower Watch Stand with Wireless Charging Base Is a Triple Threat Charging Sensation

If you happen to have an Apple Watch and a smartphone, you know one of the biggest issues is having to use multiple cables and setups to get them both to charge simultaneously.  Now you can do that with the Kanex GoPower Watch Stand with Wireless Charging Base; it promises to be the solution to cables lying around your nightstand.

Kanex GoPower Watch Stand with Wireless Charging Base Is a Triple Threat Charging Sensation

The GoPower 3-in-1 charging station from Kanex features a unique design that suspends your Apple Watch — with an integrated Apple Watch charging puck so you don’t have to bring your own — above a Qi wireless charging pad for those devices like Pixels and iPhones that have wireless charging options. What’s interesting about the charging arm over the Qi charging pad is that it does dangle a bit over your phone, especially with the mesh sports bands. This could be a bit of a concern if you’re using a metal band, you don’t want it scratching the glass in the event it does fall, etc.

Aside from that though, there’s also a 2-amp USB port that allows you to charge another device in case you have a secondary phone, or maybe a battery pack which is handy. I would’ve loved a quick-charge port here, but I guess anything is better than nothing. Being able to charge simultaneously is great, especially for a nightstand, but if there was anything I wish to change would be for the arm of the Apple Watch charger to be foldable so you could toss it in a bag for a long trip.

Overall, the GoPower Stand by Kanex is a great all in one solution for charging all of your things and completely declutters your desk or nightstand while doing it.

At $79.99 you can get one for yourself by visiting Kanex’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Aesthetically pleasing to the eye; Quick wireless charging; Integrated Apple Watch puck

What Needs Improvement: Could be more portable; If the watch has a metal band and slips off charging base, it could scratch your phone’s screen

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