Lenovo Lets Out Their Inner Gamer with Legion Notebook and Accessories

Gaming computing is a whole different world; while business laptops focus on portability and battery life, and consumers want thin and light, gaming is all about power and shaving precious seconds off every mouse click and keystroke. Lenovo hasn’t forgotten the gaming community, and they’ve got an updated Legion notebook as well as a slew of monitors and other accessories.

The Legion Y740S is Lenovo’s gaming laptop, and it’s got some exciting updates for 2020. It’s a svelte 4.18 pounds and comes with both vapor cooling and a quad-fan set up to help keep things from overheating. It will have a fingerprint reader, as well as up to a 4K screen. It also features a TrueStrike keyboard with ergonomic keys and a special coating to make the keyboard more durable. It will clock in starting at $1,099.99 this May.

Lenovo also has an external accessory for the Legion Y740S-a BoostStation eGPU. If you’re not deep in the gaming world, an eGPU is an external graphics processing unit, basically extra power for the computer when you’re going all-out in a game. It allows Lenovo to offer a laptop in a portable size but still gives gamers the opportunity to boost power without having to carry a computer the size of a small Volvo. The BoostStation will support NVIDIA and AMD, and it has extra slots built-in plus tool-free access. If this caught your attention, look for it in May 2020 starting at $249.99.

Now, if you’re gaming you need a gaming monitor. Lenovo has three new ones coming, depending on your budget and your needs. For curved screen experience, there’s the Lenovo G27c Gaming Monitor, featuring a 27″ FHD screen with almost no bezels. Look for it in March starting at $219.99. If you go bigger and sharper, there’s the Lenovo G32qc, coming in with a 31.5″ screen and QHD display for $319.99, also in March. Finally, if you’re not into the curved design, there’s the Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor, which features a 24.5″ FHD screen, a 1ms response time that reduces streaking, and even a headphone hook so you can keep your desk nice and clean. This also comes out in March, starting at $319.99.

Finally, any gaming rig needs a mouse and keyboard. Lenovo has two gaming mice, the Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse and the M300 Wired Gaming Mouse. Going slightly higher-end and wireless starts at $79.99, and the wired M300 starts at $29.99, both will be available in June. On the keyboard side, there’s the Legion K300 RGB Gaming Keyboard, which Lenovo says is splash resistant, a compact size, and offers 5-zone RGB lighting all for $49.99 this June.

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