Make Your Home Smarter Than You with Brilliant’s Smart Home System

The promise of the smart home is always offset by the reality of setup. It’s one thing if you can design how you want it from scratch, but if you rent or are trying to smarten up an existing home, it’s a headache. Brilliant is aiming to make life significantly smoother with its new Smart Dimmer Switch and Smart Plug.

Make Your Home Smarter Than You with Brilliant's Smart Home System

The Smart Dimmer Switch is designed to make it easy to move from regular light switches to smart ones. You don’t need to rewire the house, just know how to swap out a light switch, which falls under what I joke is “Like Legos, but with risk of electrocution” (not to be confused with what I call basic plumbing repairs, or “Like Legos, but with risk of flooding.”). Basically, as long as you follow simple instructions, you should be able to replace a light switch with the Smart Dimmer Switch without also using your health insurance deductible.

Once you’ve swapped out the switches, you have enormous control. There’s capacitive control for precision dimming, lights can be controlled by motion detection, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or via the Brilliant app. You can also pair your use of the Smart Dimmer Switch with smart bulbs from Philips, TP-Link, etc., to give you more ways to manage your lighting choices. Smart Plug goes into a regular outlet and makes it smart, so it takes less time to smarten up your outlets than it does for you to learn a new language through Duolingo.

Brilliant’s smart products will be available for pre-order January 5th. The Smart Dimmer Switch is $69.99 (combination packs lower the price to $59.99 depending on quantity) and the Smart Outlet is $29.99. It’s an affordable and simple way to control your home, impress your friends, and make your life that much smoother and more efficient!

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