Fender Releases Tone 3.0 App and Mustang GTX Series Amps


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The Fender Tone app originally released in 2017; the app is free, and it allows users to dial into presets and tones the brand’s connected amps. The newest iteration of the app, Fender Tone 3.0, is now available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Fender’s most sophisticated connected modeling amps, the Mustang GTX series, will be releasing on April 14.

The Fender app update includes a completely new look, Bluetooth connectivity with signal path flexibility and real-time interactivity. Players can choose from 39 different amp types and 73 effect models. Customized presets are also shareable with other users on the app. This brings the ability to model the sounds of favorite players.

Fender Releases Tone 3.0 App and Mustang GTX Series Amps

The Mustang GTX Series amps are also getting a refresh with two new amp releases. The Mustang GTX50 ($349.99) and the Mustang GTX100 ($499.99) come with 200 new effects and an elevated Celestian FSD-100 speaker. The 100-watt GTX 100 includes a 7 button foot switch to control operation of the amp’s looper and a better selection of presets and effects. GTX50 uses a Celestion G12-P80 speaker and the GTX100 uses a Celestion FSD-100 speaker

Fender Releases Tone 3.0 App and Mustang GTX Series Amps

The Mustang LT50 ($249.99) is also being released featuring an elevated Celestion speaker plus plenty of new effects and presets. 50 watts of power, a 12-inch Fender Special Design Speaker, and a simple interface make the Mustang LT50 a great entry with an accessible price point.

Fender Releases Tone 3.0 App and Mustang GTX Series Amps

With 70 years of amplifier experience, Fender continues to set the standard for sound and tone. These new releases bring the ability to dial in hundreds of tones and the ability to recreate the sound of any recording or artist. It is exciting to see Fender stay true to the classic technologies that make them great while adding new technologies to bring more features for players.

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