16-Guitar Fender Custom Shop Hot Wheels Guitar Collection Combines Two Long-Time Favorites in a One-of-a-Kind Collaboration

As a long-time guitar player, Fender guitars bring back so many memories from different times of my life. I spent much of my youth trying to obtain a Fender guitar, and I’m still obsessing about them as an older man! Another great memory from my childhood is playing with Hot Wheels cars, so the idea of a Fender Custom Shop Hot Wheels Guitar Collection sounds pretty epic!

Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster, the Shape-Shifting Guitar

Fender has mixed technology with its usual craftsmanship and iconic Stratocaster shape. The Acoustasonic Stratocaster retails for $1,999.99 and comes in five colors. This unique guitar will allow players to get both acoustic and electric sounds out of the same instrument — all the while playing on a great looking guitar with the quality expected from Fender.

Fender Releases Tone 3.0 App and Mustang GTX Series Amps

The Fender Tone app originally released in 2017; the app is free, and it allows users to dial into presets and tones the brand’s connected amps. The newest iteration of the app, Fender Tone 3.0, is now available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Fender’s most sophisticated connected modeling amps, the Mustang GTX series, will be releasing on April 14.

Fender and Roland Team Up for the G-5 Stratocaster with COSM Technology

Back in the early 90’s object-oriented technology was a happening buzzword, and Roland introduced COSM – Composite Object Sound Modeling – with their next-generation guitar synthesizer system, the VG-8. But rather than just a guitar synth, it introduced the concept of a ‘virtual guitar’. The thought was that rather than just playing Pat Metheny-esque lead lines, guitarists would be better served if they had a system that provided maximum flexibility of sound. COSM allows string-by-string tuning, processing, and pitch shifting. This allows for on-the-fly tuning changes, virtual capos, and the ability to emulate nearly any other guitar sound from a…