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December 5, 2013 • Music Diary, News

‘Jam With Steely Dan’ Instructional DVD Set From LickLibrary

Jam With Stelly Dan From LickLibrary

While Steely Dan is called rock or classic rock, their music is heavily layered with jazz and fusion elements and played largely by studio jazz players so it is often classified as fusion. As a result there is something for everyone – great pop hooks, rock groove, jazz harmonies, etc. Perfect fodder for an intense Lick Library instructional DVD!

Here is the description:

Tom Quayle is a leading force in the new breed of fusion guitarists and a respected educator. He goes through each track, in bite-sized pieces, breaking them down to show both the rhythm and solo parts. Tracks include Do It Again, with its distinctive Latin groove, Peg that features a modified 12 bar blues plus some killer harmonics and the more soulful My Old School. The DVD guitar lessons also look at the challenging Kid Charlemagne, which teaches the legendary Larry Carlton solo, walks through the interesting chord progressions of Reelin’ In The Years, delves into the more upbeat, catchy Josie and teaches the kick ass Walter Becker solo found in Black Friday.

The site notes that the DVD instructions are intended for intermediate to advanced guitarists. I have found their estimates of skill level to be accurate, so check out the trailer below to see if you feel it would work – because trying lessons too far above your level is just frustrating!

The set works through the following songs in detail:
– Reelin’ In The Years
– Josie
– Kid Charlemagne
– Black Friday
– My Old School
– Peg
– Do It Again

The double DVD/CD set costs $31.99 and is available at Lick Library – check it out!

Check out the trailer:

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