Visualizing the COVID-19 Death Toll, and Why It’s Not the Flu

At Gear Diary, we like our readers. We think you’re awesome people, and not just because, for some strange reason, you put up with our eclectic ramblings. So we’d like to please, please, please remind you to keep safe this summer and continue to take COVID-19 seriously.

It’s a sobering and honestly terrifying dynamic graphic, and it drives home that COVID is not the Flu. If, for some reason, this graphic doesn’t convince you, think of it in these terms: the CDC estimates that from October 2019 to April 2020, between 24,000 and 64,000 people died from the flu or flu-related complications. Remember, if someone has another condition but passes away because they caught the Flu, it may or may not get counted as a flu-related death. Meanwhile, they estimate 120,000 people have passed away between March 2020 and June 2020 from COVID-19. In other words, twice as many people have died from COVID-19 as they did from the Flu in half the time. This novel Coronavirus is something much, much more deadly than the Flu.



Please, take this seriously. Wear a mask (heck, you can buy a pack at Old Navy!). Wash your hands. Even if your area isn’t mandating strict social distancing, treat everyone you meet as though they might be a carrier or that you might be a carrier to them. We like you. We’re glad you’re here reading this website. So please, stay safe.

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You can also check out an excellent COVID-19 live dashboard from TIBCO Software here and at the Washington Post.


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