Guns Don’t Save Lives; Skin Guns Save Lives


Now THIS is an amazing use of technology for good. Did you know that the current method of helping burn victims through skin grafts takes weeks or months to heal but that can be brought down to literally an hour? It’s true and a National Geographic program will focus on the innovation that makes it possible.

The “Skin Gun” takes stem cells from a burn victim’s healthy skin (not the controversial kind) and mixes them with a solution that then allows doctors to literally spray new skin on. Apparently it is LITERALLY like spray painting but with a far more impactful result than what you did with your model airplane as a kid.

This video shows it in action but be warned… It gets kinda graphic.

Via Gizmodo

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  1. Christopher Gavula | February 4, 2011 at 12:44 pm |

    Now this is so cool! 🙂

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