Up Your Home Theater Experience with Fluance’s Reference Series Speakers

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Up Your Home Theater Experience with Fluance's Reference Series Speakers Listen to this article

In a year where almost nothing is guaranteed, one thing you can count on is that you probably won’t be going to many movie theaters. However, your video-on-demand experience can still be theater-quality; you just need some microwave popcorn, your tv, and the Reference Series speakers from Fluance!

Up Your Home Theater Experience with Fluance's Reference Series Speakers

Fluance has speakers for every layout — there are tower speakers, bookshelf speakers, a center speaker, and bipolar speakers, so you can have rocking sound quality while you stream Dancing With The Stars Mulan. Reference Series speakers have “woven fiber drivers that provide vibrational damping”, which sounds very fancy and means your music will sound clearer. They’re also all designed with rigid cabinets and separated internal enclosures so there’s no acoustic interference. See, all you need now is some dollar-store popcorn and a 2-liter soda, and it will be like you’re right back at your local AMC!

Fluance’s Reference Series speakers range from $149.99 to $599.99 depending on the specific speakers, and you can check out various configurations and options on Fluance’s site. The wallet-friendly price means that if you want to splurge, you could spring for the brand-name popcorn and soda for movie night!

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