Nomad’s Saying Goodbye to Pebble with This Kind Gesture

If you’re sad to see the Pebble smartwatch go, Nomad, a company who prides themselves on their Apple accessories is offering up a kind farewell for the Pebble Users who just simply can’t let go.

Nomad's Saying Goodbye to Pebble with This Kind Gesture

Even the folks at Nomad admit to using (and loving) their Pebble smart devices; they are sad to see the product that just like them started on Kickstarter to become a big name in the game go. So what they are offering up as a parting gift for Pebble users is an opportunity to get up to two free units of their Adapter for Pebble FOR FREE. Originally this was an accessory that would’ve set you back $14.95 a piece, so this is a huge deal considering the fact that you won’t find most companies willing to help out a brand (even more so a brand that will soon be defunct). It’s that type of gratitude that makes me highly tout Nomad not only for their products but for their ability to masterfully be successful at just being kindhearted people. That goes without saying, the Adapter for Pebble will work on your pre-existing micro USB or USB-C cable, allowing you to charge your Pebble smart watch no matter what. For a free adapter, all you have to pay for is the $4 shipping (which Nomad sees no funds from).

What are you waiting for? They are going like hot cakes, so make sure you head over to Nomad today and get yourself two adapters for your Pebble today.

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