My Golden-Doodle, Nava, Is Excited About WaterField’s Newest Releases

I love WaterField products… but they’re going to the dogs, and that’s a good thing. In recent weeks they announced two new products, the Wag Hip Pack and Wag Dog Leash. Designed for those of us who are owned by a dog (because dog people know who’s the boss), they bring WaterField’s premium design and construction to your favorites pooch’s gear.

Wag Hip Pack

The first new product is the Wag Hip Pack. Large enough for the gear you’ll need when your dog takes you for a walk, it can hold poop waste bags, three handfuls of dog treats, a leash, and a toy or two. WaterField describes it this way:

The NEW Wag Hip Pack 3-in-1, full-grain leather, dog bag makes walking your dog fun and hassle-free. A treat pouch, a discreet poop-bag pocket, and dog toy and leash straps keep everything you need in one central place. Two super strong magnets securely fasten the Wag Hip Pack onto your pants so you don’t need a belt.

As is the case for all of WaterField’s products, The Wag Hip Pack is crafted in WaterField’s San Francisco workshop. It is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather or 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon. It measures 5-6″ (l) x 1.5″ (w) x 4.25″ (h) and weighs just 6.5 oz.

Now, I’ve had Nava for over four years and haven’t needed a dedicated dog pouch. And yet, when WaterField explains why you might want something like this, it does get me thinking I could use one. As they explain, the Wag Dog Pouch lets you carry what you need while keeping both hands free to deal with your canine.

The Wag Hip Pack snaps easily onto any type of clothing with the help of two super-strong N45 magnets. No need for a belt or a strap! Ideal for your favorite pull-on pants — with an upscale look that suits your work attire too. The Pack frees up both hands to play with your four-pawed friend.

Also, the Wag Dog Pouch keeps you from having to fumble through all of your jacket and sweatshirt pockets to find a dog treat or poop bag. Everything you need for your day at the park is in one organized place.

Keep everything you need to walk your dog in one central place, ready to go whenever you are. Keep your roll of poop bags in the discrete dedicated pocket behind the leather flap, replenish the dog treats when they’re running low, and hook your leash and toys to the side fasteners — and voilà, you’re ready to go! No more fumbling around for gear while your dog waits impatiently at the door.

Best of all, when your walk or playtime is done, you can unfasten the Wag Hip Pack and set it aside until your next walk. That kind of convenience is key if, like me, you have a dog who goes bizarre once she knows we are headed out for a walk. Trying to collect all my gear while Nava is jumping all over me is a challenge. With the Wag Hip Pack heading out is as simple as grabbing and going.

Features include:

  • Strong N45 magnets at the end of a leather strap and on the pack fasten the bag firmly in place.
  • A magnet-secured pouch prevents dogs from accessing treats and allows one-handed owner access.
  • Ballistic nylon lining the main pouch withstands wear and tear, and spot cleans easily.
  • An innovative poop-bag pocket hides behind a full-grain, vegetable-tanned, leather flap.
  • One exterior leather loop snaps to hold a leash to free up owners’ hands.
  • A second exterior leather loop holds a fetch toy and/or keys.

So while the Wag Hip Pack may look like a glorified fanny pack, it has WaterField’s signature style and construction and is specifically designed for this purpose. It is available in your choice of Brown, Cognac, or Black leather for $99. Check it out here.

Wag Dog Leash


WaterField didn’t stop there, however, because, as you know, the most important thing you need when heading out to walk the dog, other than the dog, of course, is a leash. That’s why they also released the WaterField Wag Dog Leach.

If you have a dog, you know that not all leashes are the same. We actually had to try a few different leashes before finding the one that worked right for us. WaterField’s new offering looks great, though, and it may end up replacing our current leash.

The leash is constructed from leather and is available in brown, black, or cognac for $59. At 6’ long and 1” wide, it is the perfect length and is wide enough not to get tangled.

As WaterField explains:

Classic 6-ft dog leash made with durable materials and enhanced by thoughtful features. Leather-wrapped handles for comfort. All brass hardware with PVD coating for strength and longevity. Nylon webbing with double-sided reflective threads for more visibility in low-light environments. Make taking the dog for walk literally, a walk in the park!

The 1” webbing used for the leash is the same webbing employed for tying down heavy loads for towing. At just .4 pounds, it is light enough to be comfortable even on long walks but still has a “breaking strength” of 2,400 pounds.

What really sold me on this leash is the inclusion of reflective strips along with the entire leash. That small detail can make the difference between a pleasant evening walk and a tragic turn of events. It isn’t something I’ve even considered wanting on a dog leash but, now that I’ve seen pictures of the Wag Dog Leash at night, it is clear how smart a move this is.

One of the things that have always impressed us about WaterField products is its attention to detail. The reflective strips are one example of this.

To make the handle, we wrapped the 1-inch flat leash in soft, full-grain Latigo leather so it’s comfortable and easy to hold. This type of leather is one of the most expensive cattle hide leathers— the kind you see in high-end saddles.

It looks great and, thanks to the fact that the leather undergoes two different tanning processes and several oil/wax infusions result in a handle that is a bit more flexible than most full-grain leather but just as strong and durable. That’s especially important since, just today, Nava saw a squirrel and tried to bolt after it. She’s just 22 pounds, but she did a good job tugging at the leash. Thankfully I had a good grip and was wearing gloves.

Key features include:

  • Nylon webbing features two reflective strips and aids the visibility of your pet.
  • Full-grain Latigo leather wraps the handle to add a smooth and comfortable hand-feel.
  • PVD coated brass hardware is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and will not scratch.
  • The bar-tack stitching zigzag is designed to prevent rips and increases the strength of the leash.
  • One D-ring is just below the handle to attach other accessories such as a poop bag or LED light work for night walking.

You can check out the $59 Wag Dog Leash here.

Here’s a look at both products.


The new WaterField Wag Dog Leash looks great, and, of course, the Dog Leash and Pouch are designed to work together.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what Buko, the inspiration and “spokesdog” for the new line, has to say,

Hi! I’m Buko! I’m the inspiration for WooferField gear for doggies. My humans have been designing bags for tech devices for years, but what about us dogs? We’re what’s most important in their life, right?! I’ve made it my mission to help them make more great stuff for us dogs. Now we’ll have awesome gear for our outings, even when we’re just headed out to smell the bushes down the street.

This Wag Hip Pack carries everything we need when we go on walks, and walks are awesome! My human loves it because it’s convenient and handsome, like me. I love it because we get out the door for walks really fast now. I no longer have to wait patiently by the door, tapping my paw on the floor, while my human wanders around our home gathering stuff for our walk. Now treats, leash, more treats, poop bags, and even more treats are always ready to go, just like me! My human snaps it on, and we’re off!

Take this Wag Dog Leash — I love it because it keeps my human close to me, and I like it when he’s nearby. And, it’s long enough that I can still say ‘hi’ to the other dogs. It’s also as good-looking as me. My human loves it, too, and I like to keep my human happy because he’s awesome!”

Happy dog, happy human, happy world! Yippee!!!

Check out all of WaterField’s outstanding products. They make great gifts for the people you love… and yourself!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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