The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

A Good vacuum is hard to come by, but one that can transition from carpet to hardwood floors is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, there’s the Bissell CrossWave, a multi-surface vacuum cleaner that can handle any surface and won’t be defeated.

The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

Bissell sent us over their CrossWave All-In-One Multi-Surface Cleaner that after a month of solid use has been everything I’ve ever wanted from a vacuum. Having a home that has majority hardwood floors excluding the bedrooms, as well as a short-haired pet, one thing I wanted was the ability to pick up his hairs (as well as Jess’ hair as well) without it feeling like a chore. That’s where the CrossWave really shines.

The Bissell CrossWave came in a relatively small-sized boxed, which I instantly knew meant some assembly would be required. After unboxing, the first thing that you get is the user guide which will depict everything that you’ll need to know.

The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

You get the cleaning tray and extra brush roller that’s mainly used for hard surfaces, which is pretty cool cause it works on not just marble and hardwood floors but laminate as well if that’s what you have. The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

Most of the traffic in my apartment takes place in the foyer, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Since it’s just two of us and Sparky, it’s worth mentioning that these are the parts of the house where there’s more buildup of things like dirt being dragged from indoors, trash, dust, and even hair particles from getting ready for the day. Prior to the Bissell CrossWave, we attempted to sweep up our hardwood floors with a broom and dustpan, obviously to failure as it felt we left more debris by trying to push it around a floor instead of picking it up. The issue though however is the fact that since we both walk around barefoot, there are a lot of things you don’t necessarily feel if you’re not wearing socks. Then again if you’re wearing white socks around the house, over time there’s a lot that you will see. This is where the Bissell CrossWave hopes to help you out.

The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

Bissell’s CrossWave is a standup vacuum that can do two jobs in half the time. Featuring a dual-action brush roll, the vacuum allows you not only to clean up debris but gives you the ability to wash area rugs, will sealing up hard floors at the same time.

The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

With a dual water tank, the CrossWave is super sufficient in its ability to clean only with clean water from one tank, and never mixing it up with the dirty water from what it’s just picked up from the surface. Using Bissell’s “Multi-Surface” solution that comes boxed with the vacuum, you can clean a hardwood floor, and instantly go onto carpet without the vacuum being confused. This is a common issue with vacuums I’ve had in the past that promise to be able to handle multiple surfaces, but don’t tell you that there are different settings and steps you must take in order to ensure a proper cleaning. Bissell’s smart-touch controls allow you to simply differentiate hard floors from area rugs by just a press of a trigger.

One surprising thing about hardwood floors however if you never know exactly what sits in between the cracks and crevices of it until they deep clean their floors. Especially living with a pet, anything they drag in the house even though you think wiping their paws might do the trick, there are so many things that can build up over the course of a few months and there’s NOTHING mopping a floor will do to pick them up.

Jess and I decided to host a holiday party over Christmas to do a review of the Bissell CrossWave when we knew there would be a host of traffic in our apartment. 26 people in our home, all coming from outside in the elements with a variety of shoes on, our chances of having filthy floors after the fact was a perfect test for the CrossWave. Not only did the CrossWave pick up things we would’ve not even notice (I mean honestly, the vacuum picked up two paperclips without breaking which is unheard of), but it did so to the point where our hardwood floors felt like they did when we first moved in. The floors didn’t have any access film or odd-looking wet patterns that you could visibly see, like they did when we used to use the Swiffer, which Jess enjoyed.

The Bissell CrossWave Can Take on Any Surface

The highlight of it all, however, stemmed from the easy cleaning process after though. Since the CrossWave has a storage tray that only requires you to unclick the button in the front, and you can simply dump that into the trash, and rinse to reuse. I typically go outside of my home and dump everything into a trash bag, tie it up and throw in the garbage, mainly due to allergies, but you can do what you see fit.

A concern of mine though was the physical roller for hard surfaces. Say if you spilled a red drink on your hardwood floors, used the CrossWave to pick them up. Chances are the rollers would be red as well, and hold onto the substances that it picked up when vacuuming right? Not exactly. Thanks to the CrossWave having the cleaning tray I mentioned earlier all you need to do is connect it to the bottom of your vacuum, take a cup or two of water, go to the front of the CrossWave where the tray is and fill it up to the Max fill line. After you do this you just grab the handle of the CrossWave, go to the hard floor setting and turn it on. What the CrossWave will do is run its brush over the clean water to self-clean. If you don’t think that’s good enough you can pop out the front panel of the CrossWave and manually clean the brush into a sink, then you can set it in the included rack so that it dries. After that, all you have to do is empty the dirty tank filled with the gunk from your once-dirty floors and off you go!

Overall with the CrossWave, now we can clearly see the difference in our floors by using the CrossWave and my floors haven’t felt cleaner. Now I can feel comfortable walking around the house with white socks on knowing that there won’t be a buildup of puppy/partner hair at the bottom!!

This has been a delight to have, and if you’re looking for a vacuum to keep your home clean this year, don’t cheat yourself, get Bissell’s CrossWave today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The ease of changing and cleaning the brushes helps out way more than you think

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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