Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Is All About That Speed

We all know Qualcomm makes zippy processors. No one’s doubting that Qualcomm is a big part of why we all have more power in our pockets than Neil Armstrong had when he landed on the moon. But it’s hard if you’re not a computer expert to know exactly what that means. Thankfully, Qualcomm put together a helpful video on their Snapdragon 888 to show us!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Is All About That Speed

Snapdragon 888 Benchmark Results Final – Medium (click the link to play the video)

Snapdragon 888 packs small size but big power. Qualcomm says the new system offers a 25% improvement overall, with up to a 35% increase in graphics and even a 73% improvement in the AI features. Basically, it’s super-fast, and you definitely want it in your next phone!

You can read up on all the specifications and other details at Qualcomm if you want to dive in, but the above video gives you a good idea of how speedy these new Snapdragons are!

via Qualcomm

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