Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case Review: Affordable Luxury

Judie has reviewed a number of different offerings from Oberon Design and been impressed by them all. The gorgeous designs, quality leather, and impressive craftsmanship come together to create some beautiful cases and bags. This time out we are looking at the Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case. It is gorgeous, and at under $40, it is surprisingly affordable.Available in a variety of colors and designs, the case is a great example of simple luxury that pretty much anyone can afford. Honestly I was more than a bit surprised when I looked at the website and saw that the amazing case I was holding was just $37. No doubt the fact that the case is actually a hard rubber with the leather embedded into the back helped keep the price down but that fact doesn’t detract from the quality look and feel. Oberon Design has this to say about their creation:

Personalize your Samsung phone in the Oberon style! Our leather backed, precision made, hard rubber case offers one of the most unique and well made phone cases on the market. Slim, light and flexible, our case offers real protection. Treat yourself to a unique art case you’ll be proud to own.

Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case

The cases, which are available for both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5, offer good front edge protection. Back protection, a good thing since Samsung continues to build phones out of thin plastic, comes in the form of a rubber surface onto which the unique hand tooled leather is affixed. You can choose from ten different designs!



I truly love this case. It goes on the S5 with easy and is removed just as easily. Despite its thin design and light feel it offers a surprisingly good amount of protection to the top, bottom, sides and back. The corners are also nicely protected and the case comes up past the screen just enough to offer some lay-on-the-table protection. My only complaint is the fact that the cutout for the charge/sync port cover is a bit too small. To use it with ease I found myself first removing the case. This is relatively easy since the case comes off in under a second but is a bit of an annoyance. Making the opening a tiny bit larger would solve this without reducing the protection offered by the case. If, however, you have an inductive charging back plate or internal adapter like the one offered by TYLY and rarely if ever actually plug the phone into a computer or wall adapter you won’t find this problematic. As I note in the video look, making the change should not be a big deal for Oberon Design.

Video review of the Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case

One of the nicest aspects of this case is the wide range of designs offered by Oberon Design. That, and the numerous colors from which you can choose, let you create something rather unique that will absolutely draw the attention of others. Check out these designs!


The Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case is a beautiful piece of luxury at an remarkably affordable price. It takes the powerful but cheap-feeling Samsung Galaxy S5 and helps turn it into the top-of-the-line smartphone it is. Check the designs and colors, and order yours here.

MSRP: $37

What I Like: Affordable leather protection for the S5; Wide range of designs available; Easy to install and remove

What Needs Improvement: Cutout for the sync/charge port is a bit too small

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case

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