Roku Announces It’s the #1 Selling Smart TV OS in the US and Canada

As we recently posted, Roku is expanding its reach by obtaining exclusive rights to all of the failed streaming platform Quibi’s content. That is just one small reason Roku announced that, according to NPD’s Weekly Retail Tracking Service, they are the #1 selling smart TV OS sold in the U.S. and Canada. I can totally appreciate why.

Roku Announces That It Is the #1 Selling Smart TV Operating System in the US and Canada

Before sharing Roku’s big news, let me step back to earlier this fall. We knew the pandemic would become worse as the weather turned. My mother still lives alone in her house, has such a compromised immune system that she has been more careful than anyone I know.

That was okay in warmer weather when Raina and I could visit with her outside, but the cold weather would mean months of her being completely alone. When I realized that she had a simple, small television and was watching Netflix on her iPad, I knew something had to change. So my sister and I decided to get her a 50” television. It needed to be smart. It needed to be reliable. And it needed to have a simple interface that wouldn’t overwhelm my mother. That means… it needed to be a Roku-powered television. That’s what we got her, and she loves it.

Roku Announces That It Is the #1 Selling Smart TV Operating System in the US and Canada

I share that rather long story because it is one example of why Roku was able to announce that Roku OS is now the No. 1 smart TV OS sold in the U.S. and Canada. According to data from January 5 through December 26, 2020, NPD’s Weekly Retail Tracking Service reports that Roku TV currently holds 38% of the US market and 31% of the Canadian market. As the company notes:

In North America, millions of Roku TV models were sold across thousands of retail stores offering consumers hundreds of models to choose from in a range of sizes and picture quality options — from 24-inch HD to 75-inch 4K HDR models.

This is made possible because, thanks to the Roku TV reference design that is available to TV OEM brands, companies are able to efficiently and cost-effectively build smart TVs with Roku OS and make them available at competitive prices. [I was shocked at how inexpensive my mother’s television was. Shhhh… please don’t tell her.]

Roku Announces That It Is the #1 Selling Smart TV Operating System in the US and Canada

People seem to love using Roku for the same reasons my mother does. Roku TV models feature a simple home screen that is easy to navigate and gives quick access to thousands of free and paid streaming channels.

Roku Announces That It Is the #1 Selling Smart TV Operating System in the US and Canada

Add in advanced features like voice compatibility for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant-enabled smart devices, fast search an easy-to-use remote, and automatic software updates, and you have the best smart TV platform for people who simply want their television to work.

Roku Announces It's the #1 Selling Smart TV OS in the US and Canada

Roku also announced they were further expanding the Roku TV Ready ecosystem with a new wireless reference design for consumer electronics brands.

This reference design uses Roku’s proprietary audio technology to connect seamlessly with any Roku TV model wirelessly, offering impressive audio and video synchronization, making it even easier for Roku TV customers to add great audio to their TV experience. It will also ensure simple set-up without the clutter of cords and easy operation with one Roku TV remote.

They expect TCL to launch the first wireless soundbar using this reference design shortly. As Mustafa Ozgen, senior vice president of Account Acquisition at Roku, observes:

We are proud to power the smart TVs that are most frequently purchased in the United States and Canada. Every day we work to ensure our customers have the best TV experience and that means – ease of use, choice, endless entertainment and great value. Additionally, with the introduction of our new wireless soundbar reference design, we are continuing to expand our home entertainment eco-system to ensure consumers can pair any Roku TV with great sound.”

It is worth noting that Roku TV models are available from more than 15 TV OEM brands. If this year’s announcements are any indication, the company is just getting started. Learn more about Roku here.

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