Fitbit Adds an Android App

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Fitbit Adds an Android App

I picked up a Fitbit while at CES, and it has been my constant step-tracking companion ever since. Well, I take it back … after I washed and dried the original Fitbit that I was given at a press show (which effectively killed it), I went a few days without one until the replacement I purchased could arrive, but I digress.

Fitbit is a great motivator, because it shows you in no uncertain terms whether you have been moving enough to meet your daily goals, and whether you have done it with enough intensity to make a real difference. The Fitbit device will show you your steps, floors climbed, miles traveled, calories burned and your active score, but it can’t keep a food log or specify what exercise you were doing when you scored that “very active” status. That’s where the Fitbit website comes in handy.

But what if you aren’t in front of a computer all day? That’s where the app comes in handy.

Fitbit Adds an Android App

iPhone users have been enjoying the ability to properly manage their Fitbit entries for some time, and now it is time for the Android camp to enjoy the same.

Fitbit Adds an Android App

You can use the Fitbit app for:

– Log food, water, workouts, and weight on the go
– Find foods in our database or create custom entries
– Access your favorite foods and meals

As a Dashboard
– Check your stats for today and up to 2 weeks in the past
– See your latest steps, calories burned, and floors data when your Fitbit Wireless Tracker* syncs with a base station

And to work on your food plan
– Whether you’re trying to achieve or maintain a weight goal, there’s a calorie intake plan for you
– Choose a plan intensity that fits your lifestyle
– Unlike other calorie apps, your calorie allowance adjusts based on your activity level
As a bonus, the app syncs up with your account on the Fitbit website so you can have an overall view of your stats and back up your data.

The Fitbit tracker has an MSRP of $99; many of us who use one think that it is the best $99 we have ever spent. The fact that I replaced my “free” one so that I could continue to track myself, bought one for my husband, and have recommended the Fitbit to everyone who has asked, should tell you how much I believe in the product and its constant presence on my person. Being able to enter info on my mobile phone just makes the user experience even better. =)

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