HAVEN Central Air Controller Has Your Whole House’s Air Quality Monitored and Controlled from One Place

It’s safe to say we’re all a lot more aware of air quality than we used to be. Whether it’s due to outside environmental issues like wildfire or just the fact that we’ve all realized our houses are full of dust after we spent half of 2020 in lockdown, we’re all a lot more aware that all the air we breathe is not equal. That’s where the HAVEN Central Air Controller and their other IAQ (Improved Air Quality) devices come in!

HAVEN Central Air Controller IAQ

HAVEN (formerly known as TZOA) is unlike any other air purifier you might have tried. Instead of offering multiple devices for multiple rooms, their HAVEN Central Air Controller is installed into your existing HVAC ductwork where it works in tandem with the HAVEN Central Air Monitor.

The HAVEN Central Air Controller allows the HAVEN system to automatically control an HVAC system and ancillary equipment, “taking action and responding by optimizing filtration, ventilation, or humidity levels on-demand.”

From there, the HAVEN IAQ system can monitor the air quality around your home and take targeted action against particles, pollutants, off-gassing, and other things that make the air quality in your home less than great. The idea is that since the ductwork is basically the “arteries” of your home, as HAVEN puts it, their system can more easily update you and be more efficient in treating the air.

There are several reasons why HAVEN Central Air Controller is an exciting concept. Considering that my house smelled like burnt steak for a week recently, I was especially impressed to see that HAVEN specifically cites the system as being intelligent enough to kick in at specific times, like when you’re cooking to help with odors.

There is also a HAVEN IAQ app that allows you to monitor your home anytime. In addition, you can view historical times when your air has needed more purification and even contact a HAVEN technician if you have concerns or an issue. HVAC professionals can also use the dashboard to monitor their customers’ setups and ensure the maintenance and other updates are handled smoothly.

HAVEN Central Air Controller and their IAQ system are offered through several HVAC contractors, which means this isn’t necessarily a DIY project. But outfitting several rooms in your home with individual air purifiers that you have to monitor and troubleshoot yourself can end up being a headache. Something like HAVEN makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for a whole home solution!

And if you’re thinking the concept is excellent, but you’re wondering if you need this … according to HAVEN, air quality indoors can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoors. This means, if you’re still working from home, you might want to stick your head outside for a few minutes a day and maybe call your HVAC guys and inquire about HAVEN!

If you’re a homeowner, you can find more details about HAVEN Central Air Controller, their IAQ system, and how it might fit well into your home here.

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