Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass Will Simplify and Elevate Your Cocktail Experience

As a home bar owner, I’m always looking for an innovative way to mix the best cocktails, and the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass seems pretty special. This cocktail glass introduces drink-mixing possibilities without the mess. It features an integrated measuring system that allows cocktails to be built right inside your glass, while the stainless steel base effectively acts as a coozie to keep your mixed drink at the perfect temperature.


The borosilicate glass insert holds up to 12 ounces, and it can be kept in a freezer until you’re ready to craft your drink. This inner glass’s built-in measuring system sports ultra-durable, scratch-resistant graphics that should last for a long time.

elevated craft hybrid cocktail glass measurements

The stainless steel base uses double-wall vacuum insulation to fend off diluting heat transfer and prevent watered-down drinks. Elevated Craft says that “whether your favorite drink is shaken, stirred, blended or hot, the Hybrid Cocktail Glass will keep your drink perfect to the last sip.”

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass

The inner glass lets you easily measure and build cocktails in the glass the drink is intended to be drunk from. When the inner glass is placed into the stainless steel base, glass lock technology holds it securely in place; not only will the drink keep the intended temperatures longer, but there also won’t be any condensation, meaning there’s no need for coasters.

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass

The Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass would make a perfect addition to any bar; the wide-rimmed inner glass accommodates up to 2″ cubes and spheres, and it’s dishwasher safe. You can choose between black steel, stainless steel, or brushed copper for the glass’s base.

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass

You can reserve your own Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass with a pledge, starting at $48 on Kickstarter; they are scheduled to ship in June 2022.

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