These Google Pixel 6a Accessories Will Keep Your New Phone Protected and Covered

Without a case, the Google Pixel 6a is a very stylish and slick little smartphone. If you’re rockin’ a nekkid 6a — all the better to admire its distinctive style, I get it — then you should know that all it will take to tragically end this love affair is the wrong drop on a hard surface. With the longevity of your pocket communicator in mind, we’ve rounded up a few Pixel 6a accessories for your consideration that will protect your phone and its screen.

Google Pixel 6a accessories

The Coach Slim Wrap Case

Incipio Duo

These Google Pixel 6a Accessories Will Keep Your New Phone Protected and Covered

If you’d prefer a clean, minimalistic design coupled with maximum protection for your Google Pixel 6a, look no further than the $34.99 Incipio Duo. Available in Black or Dark Denim, the Incipio Duo is made with recycled material; it has a two-piece construction complete with impact strut technology to absorb shock from drops of up to 12 feet.

The Incipio Duo also has raised edges around the display and camera module, so you can set your phone down on its front or back without worrying about cracks or scratches. The 5G compatible Duo has a scratch-resistant soft-touch coating, and Incipio says that their antimicrobial coating eliminates up to 99.9% of surface bacteria. I have no way of testing that, but I’ll take their word for it! 😉

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell

These Google Pixel 6a Accessories Will Keep Your New Phone Protected and Covered

The $44.99 kate spade new york Protective Hardshell is cute and playful with its transparent shell printed with delicate iridescent flowers and crystals. The 5G compatible co-molded Protective Hardshell has a lightweight, easy-to-grip, slim design while still offering shock-resistant bumpers to protect your Pixel 6a from drops.

The kate spade new york Protective Hardshell offers face-down screen protection as well as rear camera module protection. The buttons are protected with easy-to-press covers made from the same material as the case, and cutouts provide ample access to the USB port and speakers.

Coach Slim Wrap Case

These Google Pixel 6a Accessories Will Keep Your New Phone Protected and Covered

Wrapping your new Pixel 6a in the $64.99 Coach Slim Wrap Case will provide your phone with drop protection and make it look pretty spiffy! The Slim Wrap Case is covered in Coach’s iconic charcoal signature design, which looks fashionable without being too trendy. Somehow, they have added antimicrobial protection, which they say will eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria.

A soft black lining with a velvety finish is on the interior to keep your Pixel’s back scratch-free and cushioned should it be dropped.

I particularly appreciate that the Pixel 6a’s sides, corners, and slightly protruding camera module are fully protected by the 5G compatible Coach Slim Wrap Case; even with a screen protector installed, the case provides face-down screen protection.

I also like that the buttons, top, and bottom edges have cutouts that slightly protrude to offer drop protection from every angle while also allowing full access to the power button, volume rocker, speaker, and charging port.

Invisible Shield Glass Elite

These Google Pixel 6a Accessories Will Keep Your New Phone Protected and Covered

One of the things I most appreciate about phones with a flat display is being able to put a screen protector on them easily. Sure, the Pixel 6a has Gorilla Glass 5, but that’s not going to keep it from getting fine scratches and scuffs on the glass’s surface when you’re doing the usual things with your phone, like sliding it into a pocket or placing it face down on a non-padded surface.

The $49.99 Invisible Shield Glass Elite screen protector is ZAGG’s strongest screen protection, five times stronger than traditional glass screen protection. Glass Elite is compatible with your Pixel’s under-display fingerprint scanner, and it even contains an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Case-friendly and easy to apply with the included plastic aligner, everything needed to get a clear, bubble-free application is included in the box.

Google Pixel 6a Accessories

Coach Slim Wrap Case with Invisible Shield Glass Elite

It’s worth mentioning that Invisible Shield screen protectors come with an excellent replacement warranty for worn or damaged screen protectors. The warranty covers you for as long as you own your Pixel 6a; all you have to do is register your Glass Elite purchase on their site, and if anything ever happens to your screen protector, ZAGG will replace it for a nominal fee that includes shipping.


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