MediaTek Connects and Entertains You with New 5G and Smart TV Chips!

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MediaTek Connects and Entertains You with New 5G and Smart TV Chips! Listen to this article

MediaTek isn’t content with just powering more phones and tablets than you can name. They’re also expanding their 5G support with the MediaTek T830 platform and boosting your next smart TV’s efficiency with the MediaTek Pentonic 700 chipset!

MediaTek T830

5G has swiftly moved from cutting edge to an expectation, as apps and services are increasingly optimized for the speed and efficiency it provides. MediaTek is on it with their new T830 platform, which will support fixed routers and mobile hotspots for all that sweet, sweet 5G connectivity.

The T380 platform will provide up to 7Gbps of speed, so you can have decently fast internet without having to rely on wired connections. It will also be possible to self-install these hotspots and modems, so you won’t have to wait all day for the arrival of the cable guy.

There are all sorts of great tech crammed into the MediaTek T830 platform, and the technical details are shown below. All we, as end users, need to know is that we’ll get a fast, easy-to-use, and power-efficient 5G connectivity device if the T830 powers it!

MediaTek T830 Infographic

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Meanwhile, if it’s a smart TV that’s on your radar, MediaTek is there too with the Pentonic 700 SoC. It supports an AI processing unit that offers AI Super Resolution, AI Picture Quality, and AI Object Recognition.

MediaTek Connects and Entertains You with New 5G and Smart TV Chips!

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In other words, this chip will know what you’re watching and optimize the visuals — so you’re getting the best possible viewing experience — whether it’s American Ninja Warrior or Westworld.

The MediaTek Pentonic 700 also supports variable refresh rates, so it’ll make for an amazing experience in both binge-watching and gaming. You’ll also be able to enjoy picture-in-picture, Dolby Vision IQ support, and of course, voice assistant and smart home support.

Whether it’s to get you connected or keep you entertained, MediaTek is there to quietly power it all!

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