Roku-Made TVs Are the Obvious Next Hardware Step, Right?

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Roku-Made TVs Are the Obvious Next Hardware Step, Right? Listen to this article

Roku has been making streaming boxes you can attach to your television for years. They’ve also partnered with other TV companies to put their Roku operating system on their sets. But now, you’ll be able to buy a Roku-made TV in just about any size you might need!

A range of Roku-made TVs in every size

There are two different versions coming; Roku Select and Roku Plus.

The Select will come with Roku Voice Remotes, while the Plus will include Roku Voice Remote Pros.

The lineup is designed to fit your needs by offering televisions in sizes ranging from 24″ to 75″, so no space will have to go without the sweet streaming power of Roku.

A Roku-made TV hangs on a gray wall; on the television's display is the Roku home screen.

Roku has also released a new wireless soundbar, which will pair with the other available Roku speakers to make your home theater an even better experience than going to the movies. You can save yourself the $12 for popcorn! Roku also won’t judge you if you take off your shoes and socks, so really a win all around here!

Look for Roku-Made TVs to become available this spring!

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