Rowkin Rolls Out Two New Ways to Cut Headphone Cables

I reviewed the Rowkin Bit Charge last year and was impressed. (Read my review here.) The small, independent earbuds sounded great and truly let you cut the cord… to your phone and between the earbuds. Now the company has released the Micro and Surge. The Micro are tiny. The Surge are ready for action. They too look like winners.

Rowkin Rolls Out Two New Ways to Cut Headphone Cables

As the company explains,

Rowkin’s new products embody the brand mantra, “Moving Forward,” by providing its customers with more flexibility and updated features. The Rowkin Surge offers athletes a secure fit and the music they need to power through any extreme scenario. Each Surge earbud is truly wireless and fits comfortably in the ear with an adjustable over-ear hook to create a customized and ergonomic fit. Travel-sized, the Rowkin Micro case is roughly half the size of an average business card. The sleek Micro case includes two truly wireless earbuds and delivers convenient on-the-go earbud charging for up to 12 hours of music.

Anson Liang, company president notes, “We’re ecstatic to announce the launch of Rowkin Surge and Micro earbuds, providing our music-lovers, even more, functionality in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. The launch today also marks a major milestone for the company, completing our full spectrum product offering and providing products that fit every lifestyle.”

Rowkin Rolls Out Two New Ways to Cut Headphone Cables

The $99.99 Micro are tiny earbuds that come with a diminutive charging case. They feature:

  • An enhanced portable charger that delivers four on-the go charges for a total of 12 hours of listening time.
  • A small size but superior sound
  • One-touch setup that makes pairing Micro to Siri or Google Assistant simple
  • A WaterSafe nanocoating making them sweat-proof and water resistant.

They arrive this fall and just may be a fantastic, less expensive alternative to Apple’s AirPods.

Rowkin Rolls Out Two New Ways to Cut Headphone Cables

The Surge is Rowkin’s first true wireless sport earbuds. These $129.99 earbuds offer a customizable over-ear hooks, so you get a fit that is both comfortable and secure.

They feature:

  • A designed that delivers a secure, comfortable sport-fit
  • Big, rich bass and clear call quality thanks to their 14.2mm dynamic driver.
  • A range of up to 30 feet with Bluetooth 4.2
  • Approximately five hours of play/talk time
  • Built-in multi-functionality that makes switching songs or accepting calls or activating Siri and Google Assistant easy
  • A high-performance microphone offers an ultra-stable performance, capturing every detail for a clear call.

Rowkin Rolls Out Two New Ways to Cut Headphone Cables

They are available now. We are hoping to go ears-on with both. Check them out here.

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