Lenovo Rollable Proof of Concepts Show They’re Always Innovating!

Lenovo comes up with all sorts of exciting concepts to push tech forwards. They’ve nailed the 2-in-1 with their Yoga line, and they’re experimenting with all sorts of ways to add extra screens and eInk options to laptops. At MWC, Lenovo and its Motorola division are showing off what might be the holy grail — rollable screens — not just on a laptop but also on a smartphone!

Lenovo Rollable Proof of Concepts at MWC

The success of Samsung’s flip lines and the latest OPPO Find N2 Flip have shown that consumers love a large screen but also crave a smaller form factor. Foldables are one way to do that, but rolling is even slicker.

Lenovo’s vision is that you’ll be able to have a more compact laptop, but it will be able to roll out into something bigger when needed. Right now, they’re imagining a 12.7″ screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio that can be rolled out to a 15.3″ screen with an 8:9 ratio. Take a look …

Their rollable screen concept is powered by a motor, and the idea is that you can hit a button and roll it out as needed.

If anyone is going to try this kind of concept and have a chance of making it work, it’s Lenovo! As we said above, they changed the game with their Yoga line, and their entire design philosophy is rooted in making technology that makes your life easier AND more productive.

Sure, we might be a few years away from rollable screens being commercially available, but from the preview, it’s definitely going to be worth the wait!

We also got a front-row seat to check out the Motorola Rizr concept — which at first glance, has a kind of blocky 5″ display (15:9 aspect ratio), but when you open certain apps or change the phone’s orientation, the display extends to a much more generous 6.5″ display (22:9 aspect ratio).

Check out this video to see what we mean!

Are you more excited about the idea of a rollable laptop or smartphone? Could you see yourself using devices based on either of these Lenovo rollable concept models? Either way, Lenovo is creating some very interesting next-gen concepts, and we’re eager to see what’s next!

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