Sleep Number Launches New Lifestyle Furniture Line Along with Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

Sleep Number’s first 360 smart beds launched in 2017. After seeing one in person at CES 2018, I soon bought the i10 360 smart bed. That was over five years ago, and ever since, Kev and I have enjoyed personalized sleep from our dual-zone, self-adjusting mattress. Each night, sensors inside our smart bed collect biometric data that is crunched to produce a SleepIQ Score. Today the next-gen Sleep Number smart beds were announced along with Sleep Number’s new lifestyle furniture line. It’s hard to imagine what could make our mattress any better, but Sleep Number has some ideas.

Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

The Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

So here we are, six years out from the 360 smart bed’s introduction; since 2017, Sleep Number has collected over 19 billion hours of non-identifiable sleep data from smart bed owners like Kev and me, who’ve opted to share data with Sleep Number in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic “to advance the science of sleep — and health — by making new discoveries to improve sleep quality for the greater community.”

Building on the data collected and the conclusions drawn, these next-gen Smart Beds will use embedded, research-grade sensors and artificial intelligence so they can learn each user’s unique sleep patterns while collecting their biometrics.

With that data, these next-gen Smart Beds will be able to automatically adjust in new ways to give users their best sleep ever —  without them having to do a thing.

The next-gen Sleep Number smart bed optimizes the combination of Sleep Number’s longitudinal data, your personal sleep data, and the latest in sleep science to:

  • Monitor vital personal health data, including average heart rate, average breathing rate and motion, and sleep trends, using research-grade sensors. These data delivered daily to the sleeper’s smartphone, are key to understanding one’s sleep quality and are designed to inform changes, such as a consistent bedtime and wake time, that continuously help improve sleep over time.
  • Balance temperature and automatically adjust to a person’s individual shape, sleeping positions, and movement on each side of the bed based on their unique sleep needs, since science shows sleep needs change day-to-day with different activities and over time by life stage. For the first time, all smart beds will feature cooling properties thanks to a breathable layer to detract heat.
  • Continuously analyze and personalize sleep insights in partnership with leading sleep health experts, which individuals can use for preventative and proactive health care. The smart and effortless nature of the next-gen smart bed means sleepers can simply go to sleep with easy-to-understand, actionable insights into their sleep health ready for them each morning.

Sleep Number was founded on individuality: Science tells us no two people are alike, and no two nights’ sleep are the same. We are setting the precedent that what you sleep on is vitally important, and beds should evolve with a sleeper’s changing life and health needs.

We’re proud to build upon our legacy of award-winning wellness technologies and make next level sleep more attainable for every sleeper, during every life stage. – Shelly Ibach, Chair, President and CEO, Sleep Number

Like the Sleep Number Climate360 smart bed that launched last year, the next-gen Sleep Number smart bed platform benefits from the advancements in embedded software capabilities, AI and machine learning algorithms, and newer chip technology. Sleep Number says that over time, these smart beds might even be able to identify problems that they’ll be able to alert users to when their patterns change.

Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

Looking even further into the future, the beds might also be able to detect illness, alerting users to health conditions like insomnia, sleep apnea, and even cardiac events.

According to Annie Bloomquist, the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Sleep Number:

The next-gen Sleep Number smart bed is the only science-backed, fully adjustable and effortless smart bed that uses physical and digital experiences designed to improve sleep quality for each sleeper. Our advanced sensing capabilities, which deliver highly accurate data nightly, help provide a more holistic picture of sleep and health.

In the future, because of the smart bed’s advanced analytics, we intend to connect sleep data with health care providers for monitoring, diagnoses and potential interventions in a way that that occurs easily and reliably. The future of Sleep Number delivers real-time, connected sleep health and wellness solutions.

I doubt that our 2018 model Sleep Number bed will need replacing any time soon, but it is good to know that when the time does come, we’ll be able to buy a significantly upgraded replacement.

If you haven’t yet tried a Sleep Number smart bed, you can learn more about them by clicking here. While you’re on the Sleep Number site, check out the latest iteration of the i10 smart bed, or if you prefer cooling memory foam, check out the new M7 smart bed. Upgraded i8 smart beds, p-series smart beds, and the c-series smart beds will be available in July.

You can also visit a Sleep Number store in person and do the same thing I did at CES — lie down on one, play with the settings, and see what you think! I’m willing to bet that you’ll take advantage of their easy financing as I did.

Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture

Kev and I already had a platform bed when we bought our Sleep Number i10 360 smart bed, but if any set of furniture could tempt me to finally add a headboard (rather than the window that our bed backs up to), it would be the Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture.

Sleep Number Launches New Lifestyle Furniture Line Along with Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

Designed to complement and enhance the health and wellness benefits of Sleep Number smart beds and the FlexFit adjustable bases, Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture is meant to create an environment that supports sleep health. The furniture has built-in features and add-ons to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Made to work perfectly with their smart beds, Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture is also compatible with other brands’ mattresses and bases, but when you combine the furniture with the next-gen Sleep Number smart beds, it really shines.

The new Lifestyle Furniture features ambient lighting on the headboard’s back that Sleep Number says will help support your circadian rhythm. On each side of the bed, there are individual reading lights that can be adjusted for color and intensity; there are also built-in individual speakers to help mask in-bed and environmental noise.

Back lighting on the Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

If you sometimes need a little help when getting in and out of bed, there is an optional support bar that you can add.

Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture even features integrated charging and storage pockets, so you’ll always have a convenient place to neatly keep your books, Kindle, smartphone, and any other items you need close at hand on each side of the bed.

Sleep Number Launches New Lifestyle Furniture Line Along with Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

An add-on side table with an integrated storage pocket is available…

Sleep Number Launches New Lifestyle Furniture Line Along with Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

… and there are remotes on each side of the bed to control the ambient lighting and speakers.

Sleep Number Launches New Lifestyle Furniture Line Along with Next-Gen Sleep Number Smart Beds

Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture is designed to be long-lasting; it uses your choice of four high-quality textiles, three styles of upholstery, and durable leather to provide the kind of tailoring and craftsmanship you’d expect from a premium product that starts at $3,499.99.

Click here to see all the new Sleep Number Lifestyle Furniture options.

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