The Motorola Razr+ Is Here with Updated Specs and a Hint of 2000’s Nostalgia

Remember the satisfaction of snapping your Motorola Razr flip phone back in the day? In 2019, the brand reinvented the Razr as a full Android Smartphone with a folding display, and now they’ve announced the next iteration with the motorola razr+.

Photo of the motorola razr+

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The new motorola razr+ is a cutting-edge smartphone that combines a modern, ultra-pocketable design with advanced features. They’re saying that when closed, it’s the thinnest flippable smartphone available. Powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, the new razr+ will offer powerful performance no matter what you’re doing.

Using Flex View technology, you can stand the device on its own at multiple angles. This feature opens up new possibilities for interaction, capturing, and creating content. In other words, you can easily view recipes while cooking, follow online exercise coaches, or video chat with friends while the phone is propped up on a surface.

motorola razer+ showing the side view and the front cover display

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One of the standout features of the razr+ is its large external display (more on that in a moment), which provides plenty of space for a full viewing experience and running apps. You can use the razr+ as its own tripod for hands-free recording and capturing images and videos.

The high-quality cameras, AI face tracking, and previews on the external display contribute to the device’s overall photography and videography capabilities.

When the razr is standing on its own, you can use gesture capture and auto-smile capture features to frame the perfect shot and pose.

Motorola has also introduced a photo booth-like experience with the ability to showcase different poses in four perfectly timed pictures. This functionality is triggered by a simple open-palm gesture, eliminating the need to rush against a timer.

The motorola razr+ Front Display

When flipped closed, the new motorola razr+ offers many enhanced features on its large, 3.6″ OLED external display, so you’ll get convenient access to various functions and apps. Some of the notable features include:

Panels: You can set custom panels that will allow you to prioritize your most important tasks and information. By swiping left or right on the external display, you can easily access panels such as games, Google News, weather, contacts, and Spotify, or simply view notifications at a glance. The Apps panel also provides access to many apps, including popular ones like Google Maps or Google Wallet.

Customization: You can choose from a selection of colorful live wallpaper designs and Moto clock styles. Additionally, you’ll be able to customize and arrange the panels on your Home screen, dragging and dropping them to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Games: The motorola razr+ includes engaging games from Motorola that have been optimized for the external display; they’re calling them Game Snacks. You’ll be able to play games like Golf Adventures, Tiger Run, or Marble Mayhem, which have all been designed to make the most of the unique form factor.

Dedicated Spotify Panel: If you’re a Spotify user (and who isn’t anymore), you’ll find a dedicated panel on the external display to control playback without unfolding the phone. You can tap to continue listening where you left off or find new personalized recommendations for a great music streaming experience.

Photo fo teh motorola razr+ fron display as it rests on river rocks

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The motorola razr+’s Cameras

If you’re a content creator, you’ll appreciate that the motorola razr+ was designed with YOU in mind. It boasts powerful camera capabilities to capture stunning photos and videos. Here are some key features of the motorola razr+’s camera system:

Main Camera: The device has a 12-megapixel main camera sensor that features Instant Dual Pixel PDAF technology. This ensures faster and more accurate autofocus performance regardless of lighting conditions, allowing you to capture sharp, detailed photos.

Wide Aperture: The main camera of the razr+ has a wide f/1.5 aperture, which allows more light to enter the sensor. You’ll get beautifully soft-focused backgrounds, giving photos a professional and artistic look.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS): Unwanted shakes produce terrible photos, but with OIS, you’ll get clear and steady photos; the OIS technology compensates for hand movements, reducing blur and improving image quality, particularly in low-light situations or when capturing moving subjects.

External Display for Selfies: The external display is perfect for taking selfies using the main camera. You’ll be able to preview yourself and make sure that everyone is happy with the picture before capturing it.

Flip Open for Selfies and Video Calls: By flipping open the razr+/razr 40 ultra, you can use the 32-megapixel front-facing camera, which will be perfect for capturing detailed selfies or making video calls.

Ultrawide + Macro Vision Lens: The motorola razr+ has a 13-megapixel ultrawide + macro vision lens, so you’ll be able to take wide-angle shots that fit 3X more into the frame compared to a standard lens.

The motorola razr+’s  Design

Yes, some iconic nostalgia harkens to the original Razr, but the motorola razr+ has a modern, flexible design. When flipped closed, the phone folds in half seamlessly, with a sleek, gapless appearance and perfectly aligned top and bottom edges.

When flipped open, you’ll see an ultra-smooth (up to 165Hz refresh rate) full-sized 6.9″ pOLED display for a visually stunning experience.

A redesigned teardrop hinge is one of the highlights of this new razr model, featuring the industry’s first dual-axis tracking technology, which minimizes the size of the hinge system, contributing to the device’s slim profile.

The Pantone Pink motorola razr+

Photo credit: GadgetMatch

The combination of the hinge system and Ultra Thin Glass results in a nearly creaseless display when the razr+ is unfolded; you’ll get a seamless look and a smooth feel without an annoying dip.

Motorola offers several color options for the razr+, including the exclusive Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta; the phone is also available in Infinite Black and Glacier Blue.

The Motorola Razr+ Is Here with Updated Specs and a Hint of 2000's Nostalgia

The motorola razr+ will offer a unique combination of a sleek design, powerful performance, flexible viewing angles, and advanced camera features, so it should be an appealing choice if you’re looking for a premium and versatile smartphone experience with just a hint of nostalgia.

Want to see it in action? Take a look at MJ’s video:

When and  Can You Get the motorola razr+?

Are you thinking, “shut up and take my money?” The motorola razr+ will be available for pre-order, starting on June 16th from the motorola site, select carriers, and retailers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Google Fi Wireless, Optimum Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, and motorola’s site. It will be available for sale beginning on June 23 for $999.99.

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