Samsung Knits Their Ecosystem into Every Aspect of Your Life!

If it’s electronic, it’s likely Samsung makes it. TVs, computers, phones, monitors, wearables, home appliances — you name it. And they’re using all those devices to make everything interconnected in new and exciting ways.

They’re refreshing a slew of televisions and soundbars in 2024 with OLED and microLED screens in multiple sizes and resolutions.

Sound-wise, they’re rolling out new sound bars for you to enjoy your viewing experience fully.

More exciting, though, is what Samsung is doing with its Tizen OS for smart TVs.

There are profiles for each family member and dedicated areas for kids and music because if there’s one thing that might threaten your fancy new Samsung television, it’s “baby shark.”

Samsung Knits Their Ecosystem into Every Aspect of Your Life!

If you’re a gamer, there’s also the Samsung Gaming Hub and a new “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” controller to make gaming on your television even smoother. Samsung Gaming Hub offers integration with XBOX, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and more, and it comes on all Samsung Smart TVs and select Smart Monitors.

But what really makes smart TVs from Samsung stand out is the new Samsung Daily+. It’ll provide a hub for all your household needs in one place.

There’s a workout tracker overlay that can appear on the TV and keep you updated on your heart rate and duration while you’re binging shows and working out. And if you need help with your workout plan, there’s access to fitness videos via TechnoGym and FlexIt for live one-on-one sessions with fitness professionals.

Samsung didn’t leave out your furry family members, either. Daily+ will offer Dr Tail, where you can video consult with a vet for any questions or concerns you might have. This way, everyone in the family is included in the smart TV fun!

In addition, you’ll be able to use the same Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on multiple compatible Samsung devices using multi-control. So if you’re working on a desktop but then need to search for a show on your TV, it’s all controllable from one place.

It’s super exciting to see how connectivity and ecosystems are growing and changing as devices become more sophisticated, and Samsung’s portfolio of devices is leading the charge!

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