Introducing ThermoWorks RFX Meat: A Next Generation Wireless Temperature Probe with RF Technology

ThermoWorks is an industry leader in thermometers. The ThermaPen ONE is my most used culinary tool, and they make so much more. This weekend, they announced a product that is set to change the wireless probe market. ThermoWorks RFX Meat will ditch Bluetooth and utilize RF technology to create a superior wireless experience.

The ThermoWorks RFX Meat will be released as a wireless temperature probe to top all current technologies and eventually become a complete home solution. The benefits will include no more lost connections coupled with the calibrated temps with which all ThermoWorks products are shipped.

ThermoWorks RFX Meat design

The ThermoWorks RFX Meat will have a much thinner tip compared to other wireless offerings, and it is made to commercial specs — dishwasher safe, deep fryer safe, and pressure cooker safe — this is truly a professional-level device.

The RFX Meat stays connected to the gateway up to a 1263 ft line of sight. No more worries about reading temps through a few walls of your house, and up to 100 RFX Meat probes can be connected to each gateway.

ThermoWorks RFX Meat specifications

The ThermoWorks RFX Meat charges in only 10 minutes and can be adjusted to last up to 50 hours; these charging speeds and battery lengths are second to none.

ThermoWorks RFX Meat temperature range

As for temperature ranges, below the immersion line, it can read 14 to 212 degrees F, and the external temps can handle up to 1000 degrees F. There’s no worry that cooking over a fire or going into a deep fryer will damage the probe.

ThermoWorks RFX Meat features

While the RFX Meat will be the first product released in the line, an entire ecosystem of products is being developed. I am especially excited about the RFX AC Gateway, which will allow all products to work at any time in the home, as well as the RFX Sous Vide, which will not need an internal battery. It will be exciting to see how the entire line develops!

ThermoWorks RFX Meat

The ThermoWorks RFX Meat is a truly exciting cooking tool that will be launched soon. We’ll share more details, including pricing and release dates, as they become available.

Hats off to the ThermoWorks team for working on an industry-changing product; we should have a review as soon as they are available.

Keep an eye out for the ThermoWorks RFX Meat on their site, and while you’re there, check out all of the other impressive cooking tools that they offer!

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