ThermoWorks x Hedley & Bennett Apron Review: Commercial Kitchen-Quality Protection Keeps Your Thermapen Handy

Whether you are an outdoor BBQ enthusiast or a seasoned chef, a high-quality apron is an essential cooking tool. The ThermoWorks x Hedley & Bennett Apron helps protect from spills and keeps important tools, like your Thermapen, close at hand. It does not hurt to have some style and quality in an apron! ThermoWorks makes fantastic thermometers, and Hedley & Bennet is a top kitchen linens company, so this partnership on a commercial kitchen-quality apron makes sense.

ThermoWorks Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer Review: Keeps Track of Everything During a Cook

When asked about my BBQ technique, I always answer that it’s just heat control from one source to the meat. Monitoring those temperatures is an important tool for creating amazing BBQs, and ThermoWorks specializes in temperature. The ThermoWorks Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer is an excellent way to get the temps correct for this summer’s cookouts. Signals sends important temperature readings and alarms wirelessly to your smartphone and web dashboard so you can easily monitor and analyze them.

ThermoWorks Huge Mini Sale Will Help You Get Your Grill On and Save!

Do you have all of the tools needed to stay on top of your barbeque game this summer? If uncertain, you’ll want to check out ThermoWorks‘ offerings. During their Huge Mini Sale, you can save up to 50% off their more diminutive products, including mini thermometers, mini silicone tools, pocket-sized tools, and more.

Get a Free ThermoPop Thermometer When You Purchase the Thermapen ONE

Spring will be here before you know it. That means it is almost time to start firing up the grill, once again. Having the right tools makes all the difference, and the right tool for grilling is the Thermapen ONE. Buy a Thermapen ONE now, and you’ll get a special bonus of a free ThermoPop. Free as in… $0, zilch, nada!

The ThermoWorks ThermoPop and Industrial IR Gun Review: Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking Temperatures

Ever since the pandemic began, my wife & I have made a point of cooking more. In the past, I’ve eyeballed when my chicken, fish, or steak was done cooking, but I wanted a more accurate way to prepare my meals. This resulted in me reaching out to ThermoWorks, a leader in instant-read thermometers, to check out the ThermoPop and Industrial IR Gun, two products that will make sure I get that perfect medium steak every time. ThermoWorks sent over their ThermoPop, which has transformed the way I cook, but more importantly, how I appreciate food. Before cooking with the…

ThermoWorks Signals Review: The Best Smart Thermometer for your BBQ

ThermoWorks is our favorite thermometer producer because they are known for producing high-quality, highly accurate thermometers, and their Signals 4-channel thermometer follows suit. Signals was built for the serious BBQ pitmaster who wants to keep track of four different temperatures at once over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Signals retails for $229 and includes three cooking probes and one air probe.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

An accurate IR (infrared) Gun thermometer like the ones made by ThermoWorks can be an invaluable tool for a number of different activities. An IR Gun thermometer measures surface temperatures from a distance, so it’s great for the kitchen and BBQ, HVAC repair, construction, and maintenance. ThermoWorks offers a range of accurate IR Gun thermometers starting at $69.00.

ThermoWorks Thermapen IR Review: The Ultimate Chef’s Accessory

I used to be nervous about grilling for my family and friends, never sure if the steak, burgers, or chicken would be cooked to the proper, or even safe, temperature. With the ThermoWorks Thermapen IR, my confidence has grown immensely, knowing that I’m getting an accurate internal (or surface) temperature reading within seconds of inserting the probe.

ThermoWorks and iGrill Mini Help You Check Your Temps

With the holidays comes some massive meal preparation. And that can add some major pressure to what can already be a stressful time of the year. Luckily, our friends at ThermoWorks and iDevices have released two neat new devices to help take some of the hassle out of the holidays. Read along for a look at the new ChefAlarm and the iGrill Mini.