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Don’t Copy That 2 reminds you to … not copy stuff!

So how many folks remember that public service announcement (PSA) ‘Don’t Copy That Floppy’? Well, the folks at Consumerist have noticed that an ‘Official Sequel’ has been released, ‘Don’t Copy That 2’ that reminds you that copying and especially profiting from making copies is a serious crime … and the new video is every bit as ‘hip’ as the original!

Giving the 17″ MacBook Pro Laptop a Try

I’ve been greatly enjoying the HP dv6 that I recently upgraded to Windows 7, and that got me wondering about Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6). Dan was evil kind enough to send me a link to the latest Apple refurb sales last week, and I couldn’t help myself…after perusing the wares, I bit.

CoPilot Live 8 for iPhone (North America)

I’ve been doing a series of reviews of navigation software for the iPhone.  The folks at ALK (the makers of CoPilot) have released CoPilot Live into the market for a very nice price of only $34.99 (for the North America version).  At this price it will appeal to many people.  Here I’m taking a first look at CoPilot Live (with a full review to follow) and give some initial impressions.  So let’s get to it!

Some Thoughts On the HTC Hero After a Few Days

I have become increasingly disenchanted due to the nonsense being pulled by Apple and AT&T with regard to the iPhone and applications for it. Time and again they have actively limited the device reaching its potential by intentionally crippling or rejecting apps that make it more useful. When the Google Voice apps were pulled from the App Store — and Google’s own app rejected — I started looking around to see what other device options might be available. Ultimately, the…

Visit David Letterman Stage Door Weekdays 5:30 – New York Tourist Tip Have you always wanted to see a celebrity (or two or three) up close and personal? I have a secret to share. If you’re in New York City while David Letterman tapes (check the web site because he does not tape every night) – you can wait by the stage door at 5:30 pm and watch the celebrities emerge from that night’s taping. Last night I was in the city for a Toshiba event and saw Diddy, Ginuwine and…

Navigon (Lite) for iPhone with North America Maps

Other than AT&T Navigator, Navigon probably has more presence worldwide in GPS Navigation (especially through it’s stand alone products) than anything we’ve seen so far.  First they released their product for the European market a few weeks ago, and now they have released a “Lite” version sporting North American maps (full version coming soon). Let’s take a quick look at this offering from Navigon. Of the current iPhone navigation choices for the iPhone I’ve seen so far, this one has…

DOOM Resurrection – an iPhone Gaming First Look

I have to admit that when it comes to gaming I have a weakness for 1st Person Shooters and… Zombies. But can games that combine the two really work on a device as small and “buttonless” as the iPhone or iPod Touch? After spending the last 45 minutes or so playing id software’s new release DOOM Resurrection the answer is a definitive “YES!!!” DOOM Resurrection, currently $9.99 in the App Store, combines great graphics, a good story line, and truly…

Unboxing The iPhone 3G S – A GD Video

Travis got his iPhone 3G S at the Apple Store this morning, and Larry’s iPhone arrived at his home home a bit ago. I’m still waiting. 🙁 Larry has unboxed his on camera for your viewing pleasure. (Hint: Pay special attention to the gentle way Larry treats his iPhone 3G, now that it has been left for a newer, hotter model.)

Give her the Sun with the Sun Jar

If choosing a gift can be a problem, for sure choosing one for your mother can be a demanding task: you would like something useful, but it should be also feminine, maybe original and possibly not too expensive. Stop thinking, why not giving her something simply… natural? Why not giving her the sun?

Iri5’s Ghost in the Machine Series

Over the past couple of weeks, the internet has been abuzz with posts about the artist Erika Simmons’ iri5 “Ghost in the Machine” creations. These pieces of art, which are made from old cassette tapes and other media, feature musicians and film stars. I first learned about her work on Neatorama, and when I checked the artist’s Flickr, I was hooked; I wanted to own one! Bob Dylan

The Nokia N85’s Killer App

There are many reasons to like the Nokia N85, but the one thing that has blown my hair back and made me truly appreciate this talented little device is something I had never before seen in a mobile phone…an FM transmitter*. And not just any weak wannabe transmitter, I’m talking about one that is just as strong – and allows the music to sound just as rich – as the dedicated transmitter on my Sirius box does.

Use PayPal’s free disposable credit card number to manage recurring charges

UPDATE: This post was written in 2009; at some point in 2010-2011, PayPal stopped offering this service. =( One of my pet peeves is online sites that require payment with a credit card along with a “good until canceled” order to keep charging my card until I notify them to stop. As anyone who has ever dealt with some online sites can attest, the ordeal to STOP a recurring charge can be 100 times more difficult than the two clicks…

The HP Mini 1140NR Vivienne Tam Edition Is Here!

This smoking hot little red laptop showed up today, and I figured I ought to share some photos before I got prints from my eager fingers all over it. Have a look at the HP Mini (1140NR) Vivienne Tam edition; possibly the most fashionable netbook ever…

Study say’s Sharpies can be reused over and over in surgeries without risk of infection – still unsafe to leave inside patient

I just spotted this story over at which describes an interesting study. These days it’s standard surgical practice to outline the area being operated on with a magic marker (typically a Sharpie). When I had hernia repair surgery (an impressive hernia according to my doctor) I recall the surgical assistant asking me to take a Sharpie and outline the area. I also briefly think I remember a lot of laughter and some flashbulbs, though I’m not sure if that…

TSA Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Procedures, a Tutorial

We’ve mentioned some of the bags that will comply with their “Checkthrough” regulations the past, and now the TSA has finally posted the official procedures for getting through their checkpoints without actually removing your laptop; of course all will hinge on consumers purchasing the proper type of bag… TSA screens laptops to see if the electronics have been tampered with. TSOs know what the inside of a computer should look like, and can recognize irregularities. This is why they need…

Temporarily tattoo emergency or contact info onto your kids – the one thing they can’t lose

File this under “Why didn’t I think of it first”….identity and emergency contact labels that you apply to your children as temporary tattoos. As anyone with younger children knows – they lose just about EVERYTHING. Including any type of stick on label or card that you put on their shirt or (shudder) in their backpack. Enter the Eyedentity Label. This interesting new product allows you to create up to 4 lines of text which is then used to create a…

Put some sizzle in your flossing habits – Bacon flavored dental floss

This one’s too bizarre to pass up. Is there really a market for bacon flavored dental floss? Every time I visit my dentist they trot out the “so, do you floss regularly?” question. And every year I duck it by lying about my flossing frequency. I’m not so sure that bacon flavoring would get me to floss any more regularly. If you have a bacon fetish – check out bacon mints, and bacon toothpicks. Good gosh, how I wish I…

Nikon to Nokia – a photographer’s journey

Despite an occasional straying here and there, I have been shooting with Nikon camera gear just about my entire career as a photojournalist. In this millennium many of my duties have been restructured, with tasks added as well as getting a new title – editor. But all along I have been shooting Nikon. Until this week. My first digital Nikon camera was the Coolpix 950, then on to the D1 digital SLR (which I hear is being called the “classic”)….

Goodbye Blackberry, It’s Not Me – It’s You – Here Are 10 Reasons I Left

On Friday I transferred my Blackberry phone number from T-Mobile over to my Apple iPhone, effectively terminating my contract with T-Mobile and ending a 15+ year practice of taking a Blackberry with me everywhere I went. In January I’d purchased an iPhone (“just to try it out”). Like many iPhone owners, I’d been hauling two phones with me. The Blackberry was my main email phone. The iPhone the web browser, Twitter client, music/video player, and picture taker phone. During the…

Unboxing the HTC Advantage 7510

This is going to be a much quicker unboxing than I usually like to do, mainly because it is almost 3am Texas time, and I have to be up in 5 hours to get ready for the next Mobius session. Anyway! After our dinner tonight, Matt Miller, Ed Hardy, Joel Evans and I met up in Matt’s suite to geek out with our new HTC Advantage 7510s. I managed to capture the unboxing photos, which I wanted to take and…