Desktop USB Fundue Set from – You Can Fondue It

Desktop USB Fundue Set from - You Can Fondue ItI occasionally wonder why they even bother to manufacture new fondue sets. Considering the number of folks who bought one of these contraptions in the late 1970’s to melt cheese or chocolate so that they could dip bread or cheesecake chunks in them, I imagine that there are thousands of these things tucked away in garages and attics all over the country. (Including mine. Don’t judge. It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Perhaps due to the sensual pleasures that were promised from the creamy hot food and the atmosphere of sharing that was encouraged by multiple people using the same pot to dunk food into on the end of little pitchforks, fondue had a reputation of being a real swinging food. In actuality, smart people wanted to put extra clothes on rather than take them off when exposed to chocolate/marshmallow napalm or urns of bubbling hot oil like some medieval fortress defense device.

So modern fondue fans have to bring something new to the party. Why not fondue at work? Despite the fact USB ports are relatively low voltage for powering a heating element, the mad scientists at have invented a tiny “Fundue” pot for your desktop. Since it is relatively low-powered, they suggest that you not try to cook meat in oil or hot broth like at a Melting Pot restaurant.

But you certainly can melt creamy chocolate or soft cheeses in this desktop version. Thanks to the “Oil-Guard™ technology,” hopefully any papers or technology on your desk will be protected for splatters, but I’d definitely clear the area before firing this puppy up. I’m simultaneously encouraged and concerned by another feature. Encouraged because the specs list an “auto-power off mode,” but concerned because they promise that this feature will offer “decreased loss of life risk.” Eek.

The Fundue comes with six included fondue forks that come in different colors so that you remember which piece of cake is yours at the bottom of its delicious chocolate dunk tank. There is also a recipe book included, but if the sample recipe that is listed on the website is any indication, maybe you’d be better off experimenting on your own:

2 Packets of Chinese Soy Sauce
1 Packet of Ketchup
1 Packet of McDonalds BBQ Sauce
1 half and half packet
4 Slices Of Kraft American Cheese
Plug your Desktop Fundue™ into your computer, heat for 10 minutes, then dip in! ThinkGeek recommends leftover Pizza Crust from last weeks meeting as the ultimate dipper. But it’s also a great base for dipping Hot Pocket morsels and leftover steamed dumplings as well. And for the truly adventurous, let your Pop Tarts swim in this fondue and enjoy a bit of sweet and savory bliss at your desktop! Five stars!

Clearly the recipe, and in fact, this whole item is kind of tongue in cheek, so don’t take it too seriously. But at only $29.99 on the website, it would make a fun gift for a geeky friend with a sense of humor. Or for your uncle who still hasn’t shaved those sideburns or ditched the dickie from the 70’s.

Desktop USB Fundue Set from - You Can Fondue It

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