An Exclusive Look at the SCOTTEVEST Fall 2010 Men’s Line; Much Ado About Something

I know that you all have been chomping at the bit to get more info on the upcoming SCOTTEVEST Men’s Fall coats, and guess what? In July I received a box full of them! I only had a few days to check them out and try them on, but that was long enough to know that this will not only be a very good fall season for women who have been waiting for their new SeV styles, but it will also be a very good SeV season for men as well. The designs that I received were just about finalized, but there…

Paper shampoo avoids carry on baggage hassles when traveling

Last year when I was on a business trip I tried avoiding an extra charge for overweight luggage by taking out some of my heavier shampoo and other toiletries and putting them in my carry on (which had no weight limit). Of course airline regulations forbid carrying anything liquid (over a certain size). Turns out I forfeited half of what I tried to carry. Due to my aversion to the nasty hotel shampoo bottles I was forced to make a hasty 1am shopping trip to pick up shampoo when I reached my destination. Had I brought along some of these…

New York City Automatic Toilet: $ 110,000 for a Wet Seat?

Yesterday we made a trip into New York City. Finding a (clean) bathroom when in the city can be a challenge. In January of 2008 the City of NY unveiled a fully automatic bathroom that cleans itself after each use. Well, I just had to check it out. And I made a YouTube video to show you the high and low points of my experience.