Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

Get ready for something special from Skooba Design! They are in the process of rolling out Techlife, a  collection of  sporty, casual, and Ultra-super-seriously-lightweight bags. Shown above is the Techlife Digital Daypack, which will retail for $99.95.

According to Michael Hess, this collection includes …

Updated versions of our iPad/Netbook bag and neo-skin, a slick new backpack in 2 sizes, a compact laptop messenger (for MacBook 13 and similar), a slim laptop case, and my personal favorite “big story,” which is… drum roll…

The Weekend Warrior Duffel [$119.95] — nothing else like it on the market. A solution for “single-bag, no briefcase” leisure/weekend travel with a laptop. The duffel holds enough clothing (including shoes) for a weekend, or all your gym gear, like a typical duffel. But unlike any other duffel, it includes a padded laptop sleeve that actually fastens to the inside wall. The duffel can be ordered with small (for 15” range laptops) or large (17”) sleeve, and the sleeve has its own flap so it can be removed from the duffel and used on its own or inside another bag.

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

This bag fills a real and growing need. In fact, it was born out of my having to carry my laptop/business case on an annual guys’ ski trip, which was a real hassle (anyone who skis knows how much you have to carry). It was also the cause of much abuse from my less-tethered, “hey dude, this is a *ski trip*” friends. So, with the Weekend Warrior, there’s no need to carry a separate laptop bag for an overnight or weekend leisure trip… it all rides together. Aside from being more efficient and just generally easier to travel with, this hybrid carry-on helps avoid airline bag hassles.

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited about this one (the whole collection, but the Weekend Warrior in particular). 😉

I think they all look great! Minimalists might like the Slim Case, which retails for $59.95. It has “12 pockets, 2 compartments, padded runners to protect laptop, USB pocket, pen pockets, ID window, hide-away carrying straps, removable shoulder strap w/ pad.”

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

My favorite is the Netbook/iPad Messenger, which will sell for $49.95. It looks like the perfect size to carry an iPad, keyboard and a few other doo-dads.

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

The new Techlife Collection can be found at Skooba Design.

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

Rochester, NY, November 2, 2010—Skooba Design has added a unique new “hybrid” travel/laptop duffel to its award-winning line of laptop bags and accessories. The company calls the all-new Weekend Warrior™ a first-of-its-kind tech/travel carry-on bag, ideally suited for leisure travel. The duffel is designed to eliminate the need to carry a separate laptop bag—especially for overnight or weekend trips—reducing the air travel “bag burden”.

The Weekend Warrior boasts over 2-dozen pockets and other storage spaces, starting with a cavernous main compartment, large enough to hold two days of casual clothing and travel necessities. Two huge side cargo pockets hold shoes, toiletries or other bulky items. But that’s where the similarity to any other duffel bag stops. Inside the main compartment is a padded laptop sleeve that fastens to the side wall and has security strap to hold the laptop in place. The duffel is available with either small (15-16” laptop) or large (17”) sleeve included, and the sleeve—with its own stowaway flap cover—can be removed and used on its own or in another bag or backpack.

Adding to the tech-friendly design of the duffel is a front organizer compartment with storage for every portable gadget and accessory imaginable. Stretchy pockets protect and secure compact camera, iPod/audio device, phone, chargers, adapters, cables, pens, pencils and more. There’s even a special, labeled slot for a USB thumb drive. Yet despite its generous capacity and substantial assortment of pockets and features, the Weekend Warrior tickles the scales at only 49 ounces.

According to Skooba’s Bryan Hammer, “many leisure travelers take their laptops and gadgets with them, but would prefer not to carry a separate laptop bag or traditional business case. The Weekend Warrior packs it all in one easy-traveling carry-on.” Hammer also points out that the challenging state of airline baggage restrictions make this all-in-one solution even more useful and desirable.

The duffel is one of many products in Skooba’s new Techlife™ collection—a unique assortment of casual/sporty bags for netbooks, iPads, laptops and gadgets of all kinds. The Techlife collection offers stylish, colorful, ultra-lightweight bags with highly-protective laptop/netbook/tablet compartments and plenty of pockets and organization features.

The Techlife series also includes messenger bags and neoprene skins for iPads and netbooks, a compact messenger bag designed for 13″ MacBooks and similar-sized laptops, a slim zip-around laptop case, and the Digital Daypack® 2G laptop backpack in 2 sizes. All Techlife products are made of durable, water-resistant nylon twill in a variety of color combinations. The bags are designed to be ultra-lightweight and travel friendly. Skooba’s Hammer says, “We don’t know of any bags of comparable quality, features and capacity that weigh less.”

Techlife bags range from $19.95 to $124.95 suggested retail. Full specs at

Skooba Gear Introduces Their New Ultralight Bag Collection, Techlife

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