SiriusMac 2.1: Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio To Your Mac

Hi my name is Wayne and I’m a Howard Stern addict. Been hooked since High School. That doesn’t mean I’m living in a home surrounded by dirty pictures, obscenities, beer funnels and strippers – though that’s the image everyone seems to have whenever I mention Stern. I find his show a funny voice that gets me moving in the morning. With his move to Sirius Satellite Radio I’ve been listening to Sirius Satellite using their web feed and a very cool and free tool called SiriusMac. Here’s why I think it’s so useful – and if you’re a Sirius Satellite…

LAbesace CLASSIC Laptop Bag REVIEW

Trust me, I’m really trying my best to quit hauling around so many gadgets in my backpack. A 13” MacBook, power cable, mouse, 2 pens, iPod, iMuffs wireless headphone, JawBone headset, a smartphone of the week, Tekkeon battery charger, various cables, business cards and a legal pad are my bare minimums. Oops! I forgot the digital camera! What was I thinking! I stuff all of these items in my Swiss Army backpack to and from work. Of course I throw in a couple of books, a brown bag lunch, gloves, stocking cap, and many more items. The other day, I…

Case-Mate Handle-it for MacBook REVIEW

Ever feel paranoid about dropping your MacBook? The smart guys at Case-mate have a simple, yet effective solution to keep a grip on your 13″ Apple bundle of joy. The Case-Mate Handle-it for MacBook is an easy to install handle accessory for your Apple notebook.

The Case-Mate Signature Suit for 13″ MacBook REVIEW

I’ve always been a big stickler for keeping my gadgets protected. I’m pretty proud of my iPods being fingerprint free for over a year now in its protective casings by DLO and OtterBox. With the investment in laptops, it’s a wonder why people don’t use a lapcase case, especially with all of the choices available these days. Case-Mate has come out with a very stylish and smart form-fit leather wrap designed for a 13-inch MacBook that protects the laptop when it is out of the laptop bag.

MacBook Air Review

When Apple introduced the MacBook Air is created quite a stir, a laptop that is incredibly thin without culling things you want like a fast CPU, big screen and good keyboard. A lot of people are saying that it is too big to be an ultra portable, but in my opinion the Air manages to be compact, without cutting out the things you really need. I’ll start off by saying the Air looks great in it’s aluminium shell. Since buying my MacBook Pro laptops without a metal case feel a bit cheap, a feeling that the Air definitely doesn’t share….

Sonnet 2Fit Review

When I bought my MacBook Pro last year, I was surprised at how wonderful the computer truly was. One of the biggest problems that I ran into with it, though was protection. Please click the review link above (written by me and one of my best mates from Down Under, Mitchell Oke), and scroll down to the unboxing pictures. You’ll notice that the computer, for all its high-end price, doesn’t come with ANY kind of protection at all. While most notebook computers don’t, the high price point of the MacBook Pro really begs the need for some kind of case,…

The MacDrive 7 Review

Mitchell’s comments in Black, Chris’ comments in Blue Since my switch to Mac back in December I haven?t had very many problems integrating my MacBook Pro into my life. Except for a few programs that I can?t find equivalents for in Mac OS X, it has gone pretty smoothly. One area that has frustrated me is data storage. I like to have as much free space as possible on my internal drive, so I often use external HDDs. I do this particularly when editing video, as the files created are large, and temporary files for effects and previews quickly add…

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro Review

Chris Spera’s review in Black, Mitchell Oke’s Comments in Blue and italicized. I’ve been a freelance writer for a while now. Recently, one of the principles at WUGNET (The Windows User’s Group NETwork) remarked to me that I had been writing for them for nearly 10 years. WUGNET is one of the best and only newbie/intermediate-skilled Windows resources still on the Internet. The site provides shareware downloads (screen savers, games, applications and utilities). They’ve also got some really great, free newsletters and one of the most complete Computing Tip databases on the ‘Net. I know… I’ve put most of them…