The Cheeky Chick by okiedog Review

Are you looking for an innovative toy for the kid in your life?  Whether it is for your niece, friend’s son, or your own child, okiedog has created two foldable tricycles for you. Both designs are for specific age groups and offer varying benefits.

The G-Force is the 21st Century’s answer to the much-loved Original Big Wheel. It provides fast-paced riding and spinning through a sleek design. It is specifically for kids 7 years and older.

The Cheeky Chick is the toddler version without the propulsion power.

According to the site, the Cheeky Chick is a foot-to-floor ride-on transformable tricycle. It was designed with the safety of the child and convenience of the parent in mind. This unique innovation received the Red Dot design award, due to its superior design quality and innovation. After using the Cheeky Chick for the last month, I would have to agree the award was well deserved.

When unpacking this rider, the compact and slim design was quickly noted. It was clear this was not your ordinary tricycle, since the innovation provides portability, store-ability, and foldability. The Cheeky Chick provides the flexibility of a tricycle without taking up the space of a traditional tricycle. It weighs approximately 5 pounds and stands upright at 27 inches tall. The weight alone allows for easy transport, whether the child or parent moves it.

Although lightweight, it still provides stability when used as a walker or rider. This is through the wide front legs.

All three legs collapse alongside or within the Cheeky Chick, reducing it to less than half of the opened size. After showing my 3 & 4 year olds how to open and close it, they could easily do it.

For added parent-factor, there are two attachments for the Cheeky Chick. The first is the telescopic parents handle allowing you to push the little one. Although I was not provided this removable bar, I am not sure it provides convenience. When my son was seated, I would push the Cheeky Chick from the back seat. His feet were unable to stay up, so they would keep sliding under the Cheeky Chick. It also made for a slow transport on the rider. It appears the same would be true with the handle attached. Unless there are foot pedals or rests, the handle would stay stored at my house.

The second feature is under the belly of the Cheeky Chick. There is a storage compartment for the carrying strap, which I liked. The strap allows me to carry it from the park to the house. You know, it never fails that my daughter tires on our walking/riding adventures. With the strap, I can toss this 5 pound gadget over my shoulder and still carry a tired rugrat. The strap being on the ride helps me not lose it, plus it is right there when it is needed. Great convenience!

When evaluating the design quality, it was also clear safety and performance were considered. The tires are made of non-abrasive PVC, so they are squeak-proof and can go from outside to inside. The seat is long and does not have a crossbar. That should prevent the typical accident from an adolescent sliding off a bicycle/tricycle seat. Ouch! The quality of the materials is outstanding, too. A protective coating seems to deter fading and dirt build-up. What I am meaning is how many of the plastics used in kids’ toys deteriorate over a year or two. They turn black from dirt or the exterior layers start flaking off. The Cheeky Chick is made of a less-porous plastic, which should prevent the breakdown.

What I particularly liked about the toy was its versatility. From my 1-year-old son using it as a walker to my girls using it as a Fred Flintstone powered scooter, it was enjoyed by all. However, the toy is specifically for 18-month- old children. The age limit could probably be lowered to 9 months, when kids are beginning to stand and/or cruise. It should have a height limitation listed, since a particularly tall 2 year old (in the 90th-percentile) would not be able to sit and push this easily.

I asked the girls what they liked best about the Cheeky Chick. Besides the awesome Florida Gators color, they liked that it had a fun and smooth ride. The oldest wished there were pedals, so she could go faster. As I already wrote, I agree with the need for pedals. Having them would allow a young toddler to prop his feet and get pushed or an older toddler could propel the Cheeky Chick by herself.
If you are looking for someone’s first tricycle, I would have to recommend the Cheeky Chick. Like the logo states, it is stylish, safe, and simple.

The Cheeky Chick does not yet have a distributor and okiedog is actively searching for one.
MSRP: $34.95
What I Like: I fell for the sleek and compact design of the Cheeky Chick. Being able to fold and store a toy is a must in a home. I also like that the PVC wheels and plastic shell are made of quality materials. This is an innovatively designed toy that beats other tricycles in materials, safety, and versatility.
What Needs Improvement: The design alone is awesome, but I can always see room for improvement. The Cheeky Chick could be enhanced by placing noise buttons on the front panel (playing music, honking a horn, etc.) and by adding foot props for pushing toddlers. It could also lower the starting age and add the height limitations. These additions would allow the toy to be used longer than the beginning stages of walking and riding.

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