PDAir Zune Metal Case and Screen Protector Review

Since getting my Zune a few months ago, it has been in the very precarious position of having no screen protector, and only the supplied fabric slipcase to protect it from keys, pens and other devices. But when I use it to watch video, it has to go caseless. I was very happy to receive the Zune metal case and screen protector from PDAir, so that I could quit my worrying.

I received Black aluminium case and ultra-clear screen protector to try out on my Zune. I asked for the black to go with my black Zune and I am glad I did. They go together very well.

The case is lined in neoprene to protect it from scratching inside the case, and to help cushion it from falls.

There are cutouts for the sync connector, headphone jack, hold slider and of course the buttons on the front.

This case is designed so you can use it while it is still in the case by having a plastic window to see the screen. It frames the screen perfectly, and the screen looks as good as it does outside the case.

All the controls line up nicely with the cutouts, and I particularly like how PDAir gave the front controls plenty of room, especially at the bottom. If you hold and operate the player with one hand you will appreciate the extra room at the bottom.

On the back of the case is a screw hole for the included belt clip. I have used a beltclip maybe once in my life, and it didn’t agree with me, but I tried it out just to see how sturdy it was. It feels quite sturdy, and the Zune will swing in the clip in case you bump into something so that the clip doesn’t get pulled off. Release is as simple as pushing the button (but you are unlikely to do it accidentally).

What really impresses me was how slim the case is. Considering the Zune is already a tad tubby, the last thing you want to do is add more thickness to it, and the PDAir case does a brilliant job of adding as little as possible.

If you are looking for a strong case that adds as little thickness as possible to your Zune, then the PDAir case is a great choice.

PDAir were also kind enough to send me their ultra-clear screen protector for review. I have been very lucky that I only had some very minor scratches on my Zune screen. Since it lives inside my Skooba satchel along with pens, a HTC Universal and a variety of cables, I am really glad to have one.

The PDAir protector is like all modern ones that use that silicon stuff instead of glue to make installation a cinch, and fixing a botched application possible. After cleaning off my Zune screen, making sure every stray bit of lint was off, I peeled the protector back and laid it on.

Perfect! You can’t even tell it is on there. There screen looks as clear as when it was naked. With both the protector on and the Zune in the case, you have the best protection all around while not sacrificing ANY quality.

These two items compliment each other and the Zune nicely. The case is as thin as possible, the screen protector is ultra clear, and the price is very reasonable to. Go for it!

PDAir cases, screen protectors and other products can be bought directly from the manufacturer and other retailers.
MSRP: $28 for Black Metal Case, $12 for Screen Protector
What I Like: Excellent quality, great fit, case adds very little to Zune’s thickness, doesn’t degrade screen quality
What I Dislike: Nothing!

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