Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

Since I abhor wires, when the opportunity to check out the next version of the venerable Motorola S9 headset line, I jumped at the chance.  Is it as good as the original?

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

Dropping red in favor of an all black color scheme, Motorola has branded the new S9HD with the ROKR logo, as well designing it to fit along side others of their new music phone line like the Krave on Verizon.  These headphones are handsome and as comfortable and light as the originals; they are also very durable.  Where my cheap Insignia headset is already toast after only a short period of usage, these are going strong and will probably last a long time.  They are resiliant and can withstand being tossed around in a backpack full of stuff.

The S9-HD comes with a carrying case, a USB Mini B charger and extra cushions of various sizes.  I am able to wear these comfortably all day at work.

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

As you can see in the above pictures, they are hardly noticeable, and they do not have any visible lights that you can see when your wearing them.  The only LED on these is near the power button and when it’s on, it is not visible; in other words, there’s very little borg effect when wearing these.

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

Hidden LED=no borg effect

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

Incredibly handy and common USB Mini B

Now that we know they have the looks, do they have the sound?  I did finsd that the S9-HDs suffered from the exact same problem every other Bluetooth headset I’ve ever reviewed: they are very prone to interference.  However, when the signal was clear, the sound was the best I have ever experienced.  Are they High Definition?  Maybe!  However, the experience is ruined with the drop outs.  Microwaves, my hand, my pocket would all cause these issues.  I got the best sound when the iPod was in my DLO Strap Wrap.  My LG enV was less prone to interference than the included iPod Adapter, but it also dropped out more often than I liked.

Motorola S9-HD Headset Review

The battery life on this headset was good, outlasting the iPod in every situation;  I got about 6 hours.  I did find that the iPod adapter pulled the iPod batteries down much quicker than normal; I estimate that when using it I got half the normal iPod battery life.   The other negative about the adapter is you cannot charge the iPod at the same time, since it uses the dock connector.

The headset paired easily on both the iPod adapter and my phone, and the code for the pass key was the typical 4 zeros.  Once paired, good sound came from the headphones.

The S9-HD can make phone calls too, but it’s too bad the phone call quality sucked.  I guess that Bluetooth headsets can either sound good, or make good phone calls, never both; go elsewhere when you need a headset for calls.

The Motorola S9-HD is available at for $96.83

What liked: Lightweight.  Comfortable.  Stylish.  Design is good enough that I would buy a set.

What needs improvement: Inteference rejection; these were a bit worse than other headsets I have used.

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2 Comments on "Motorola S9-HD Headset Review"

  1. Timothy McDoniel | January 10, 2009 at 5:04 am |

    I agree with the s9 bluetooth dropping. I received one for Christmas and use mine with my HTC S621 Excalibur phone. For walks outside or in the gym, it drops less, but even then it will drop intermittently. But at large stores like Walmart you can forget it. It keeps dropping to the point of becoming unusable due to the amount of interference in the store.

    When it does function, the quality is great. I listen to alot of podcasts and it serves well in that capacity since it sends audio to both ears. But I don't like using the phone function part of it as then the sound comes through only 1 ear and the quality isn't that great.

    It's great for my workouts, but it's somewhat tight and uncomfortable for wearing for long durations. Plus the way it wraps around the back of your neck gets in the way when you're trying to look up at something.

    Anyways I'll keep it for now and hope that eventually a much better wireless headset device comes out that's not subject to the interference.

    – Tim

  2. Kristain Musni | August 19, 2010 at 2:53 am |

    Motorola Rokr S9 HD has full, surrounding sound with good mid-bass reflection. It is lightweight, and more comfortable to wear than true in ear designs. Bundled iPod adapter is slim and adds extra value. I purchased from this company and they sell cheap knockoff’s as major brands. They were selling the Motorola Rokr S9 for $40 when I received it.

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