Pick Up Some great Accessories Courtesy of Dodocool

Dodocool is a popular seller on Amazon that is known for making iPhone and Android accessories. They sent us over two of their latest products, their 3-in-1 charge & sync cable for iOS and Android, as well as their Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to check out, so let’s check them out.

Pick Up Some great Accessories Courtesy of Dodocool

When I first unboxed dodocool’s Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, I actually just thought it was the accessory to the speaker, but boy was I fooled. At $12.99 the price certainly is small, but it doesn’t mean there’s a limit to what the speaker can do. Not only does the speaker fit in your hand, but could be a great keychain accessory so you’re never without music when you’re poolside and all you brought with you are your keys. At only three ounces, I was actually surprised by the overall sound as well.

It’s obviously not going to fill a room, and certain tracks that I listened to feature more bass than I would like, you will get up to four hours of playing time according to dodocool. What I like the most about the Bluetooth Speaker is the added features that come with it. Not only will it blast your music, but it comes with a selfie remote, that makes it perfect to take photos when you don’t have someone to take the photo for you. The company included a nice lanyard for wearing on your wrist (or losing because the device is truly small). The only knock that I have on the mini wireless speaker is that the company claims that there’s a wireless range of 33 feet, but I stepped about 12 feet away from the speaker before it began to get choppy. Honestly though, for $12.99 it’s a steal of a price, with an abundance of features that even if it’s not something you’ll use for yourself, it’s a great gift for someone else. I know my future mother-in-law will love it. You can pick up the Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker here.

Pick Up Some great Accessories Courtesy of Dodocool

Finally, there’s the 3-in-1 Charge & Sync cable from dodocool. An Apple MFi-certified product, it’s the second cable of its kind I’ve ever had the opportunity that has not only micro USB but also Type-C and Lightning options. When I’m traveling, I tend to have 5-6 different cables just in the event I forget others, but I have to say, having a 3-in-1 cable eliminates the added clutter in your gear bag. Since it feels as though we’re moving in the direction of USB Type-C, it’s great that dodocool has decided to include this option, especially when you look at Amazon there are plenty of 3-in-1 cables, but they do not have Type-C as an option.

Pick Up Some great Accessories Courtesy of Dodocool

So if you are the type that carries devices from Apple or Android, or even need a cable that can charge both, you might not have to look any further. Made of a quality build material, the cable won’t fray or short on you after three uses. It’s 3.3 feet long which about standard, although I would love to see a 6-foot and 10-foot option. Connectivity between the MacBook and a normal USB power brick depends on the source. I wouldn’t suggest getting a power brick that doesn’t have at least 60-watt output, but there are a few available on Amazon as dodocool does not supply them. However, I would grab two or three of this unique 3-in-1 cable as they are currently only $8.99 on Amazon, and you can purchase it today here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The Bluetooth Speakers Selfie button is actually pretty nifty; 3-in-1 cable prevents bag clutter

What Needs Improvement: Maybe a longer cable?

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