Update on Windows 7: Blowin’ in the Breeze, Part 4

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This is just a short note, kids to let you know where I am with my Wind after this weekend’s article.  I’ve completely blown the box, so XP is OFF the Wind.  I took a couple of hours and put Windows 7 on it, and find it very interesting. I’m not completely sold on it yet, as its very Vista like, and I’ve really just got Vista Ultimate working the way I want it to on my MBP.

However, I’m playing with it; and yes, there is indeed a great deal to like about Win7 that you’re going to hear a great many people talk about in the weeks and months to come.  But, this wasn’t really what I was wanting to get to with this quick, little post.  I’ve been busy…

If you have a Wind, a copy of Windows 7 beta and are interested in getting it AND OSX on it at the same time, please look for a quick article in the next day or two (most of it is done already, I just need to take a few pictures…) on how to dual boot the Wind with Windows 7 and OSX. This one gets a little tricky, as while you think it should work the way XP and OSX did, it doesn’t.

Stay tuned!  There’s more MSI goodness a-comin’!

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