Lenovo Aims to Help Education Through the Pandemic with the Lenovo 10W tablet, Lenovo 13W Yoga, and Lenovo NetFilter

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic began. Ask any parent how it’s going, but keep a box of tissues, a bottle of wine, or both handy for the response. Lenovo may not be able to help there, but they are looking for how they can use technology to help kids get caught back up after what’s been a very uneven two years of schooling. They’re rolling out the Lenovo 10W tablet, Lenovo 13W Yoga, and Lenovo NetFilter to help get kids hooked up with the right tools to keep their education going!

Lenovo 10W with keyboard

Lenovo 10W with keyboard

Let’s start with the Lenovo 10W tablet. It’s geared to younger kids and comes with a bumper case and Corning Gorilla Glass.

There’s an optional garaged pen, and the whole package runs Windows 11. It makes sense to gear a tablet to younger kids, as most kids are comfortable with touchscreens, and the included pen allows them to draw and play games easily.

Lenovo 10W tablet mode

Lenovo 10W tablet mode

According to the press release, there are also front and rear cameras, officially so children can easily take photos on field trips, but I think anyone who’s ever met a small child knows there’s going to be a lot of up-the-nose selfies taken.

However, in between those, there’s a 16:10 aspect screen, wifi, and a detachable keyboard as well. Look for it this April, starting at $329 with the keyboard included.

Lenovo 13W Yoga front

Lenovo 13W Yoga

For older kids or those who need a more robust computer option, Lenovo also has the 13W Yoga. It’s a convertible laptop with AMD Ryzen processors, a spill-resistant keyboard, and Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen.

The 13W Yoga hits this April starting at $749. It sports a 13.3″ screen, mylar touchpad, and Dolby Audio. The 13W will also offer an optional garaged stylus for note-taking, as well as optional 4G LTE. It can even be configured for up to 512GB of storage.

Lenovo Yoga 13W Touchscreen Facing

Lenovo Yoga 13W Touchscreen

Lenovo is also partnering with VictoryXR to bring educational tools to Lenovo VR Classroom, bringing students all over the world without leaving the classroom, which is a very covid-safe plan!

Lenovo NetFilter also brings cloud-based AI filtering and monitoring, allowing schools and parents to keep kids online but still protected from malware, viruses, and inappropriate content.

This will enable parents and schools to connect kids to educational resources and not fret too much about what awaits them on the unfettered internet.

Pricing and availability are TBA on NetFront, but it’s expected to be available in Q2.

It’s hard to assess what two years and counting of a pandemic will do for education, but Lenovo’s new computers and software will hopefully help catch everyone up a little bit!

Keep an eye out for the Lenovo 10W tablet, Lenovo 13W Yoga, and Lenovo NetFilter on the Lenovo site.


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  1. These look like high quality products that would be great for learning. I’d love to get the Lenovo 13W Yoga.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this looks like a really nice tablet

  3. The tech is only part of the equation. Price of the tech matters, as does the cost and access to high speed internet. Had that ever been considered prior to covid, we wouldn’t have the issues we currently have. Oh, and ableism. If tech doesn’t work for people of all abilities it just causes more problems for society in general.

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