iPod Touch OtterBox Impact Case Review

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This year Santa was good to the Schulz household. He delivered a couple of iPod Touch devices that my twin 9 year olds use for practicing speling (courtesy WordsWorth), drilling on their math facts and sending email to their family. The one accessory that I knew we needed right away to protect these expensive devices was a case. I’m using an OtterBox Impact on my iPhone and I like it so much that I ordered one for my daughter Lauren’s Touch. When I asked her how she liked it, she had this to say:

My case is very protective. What I like about it is it’s easy to grip. Also it is very thin so it still fits in your pocket and it is easy to take off when you want to clean the Touch.

Otterbox is normally known for their thick case protection. Their Impact line of cases is thinner and a bit more suited for day to day usage. It still contains heavy duty protection, but the case is easier to fit into places like a coat pocket. What’s nice about the Impact series case is that it’s made entirely of grippy rubber. If you place your device on a car seat you can be assured that it won’t go sliding the next time you take a corner.

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As you can see from this side picture, the case itself does not add much bulk. Each end of the case is slightly fatter to add for a little more protection in the areas that are most susceptible to damage during a drop.

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Cutouts are included for the headphone jack and docking connector. All other controls are easy to use while protected under a thin layer of rubber.

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When I needed a case that would protect my daughter’s Touch from all the day to day stress that a kid can dish out – OttherBox was my first choice. In the past their cases have been used for primarily heavy duty applications. The Impact Series is thin enough for everyday use yet still retains the rugged roots and protects your device from drops and scratches.

Link: OtterBox

What I like:
-Easy to insert/remove case for cleaning

What Could Be Improved:
– Haven’t found anything

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