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October 14, 2012 • Gear Bits

Libratone Zipp Wireless AirPlay Speaker, First Look

Every now and then a product comes along that not only meets your expectations but actually exceeds them. That’s the case so far with the Libratone Zipp AirPlay Wireless Speaker. Sure, it has a cool, unique look. And sure, the fact that you can change the wool covers then, in seconds, have a speaker that looks completely different is very cool. And sure, it has AirPlay. All that is true, but what really makes this speaker stand out is its Play Direct and its awesome sound. Play Direct means you can stream great audio wirelessly even when you don’t have an available WiFi network. And awesome sound is… Well, awesome.

The speaker arrived Friday, so it is too early to do a full review. But this speaker has so impressed me (and Elana!), that I wanted to take a first look at it and shoot a quick unboxing. The full review is on the way shortly.

From Libratone:

Wireless sound – anytime, anywhere. Not heavy, not difficult, not like anything you’ve ever heard.

Libratone Zipp moves with you. Goes where you go. Battery driven and portable. PlayDirect™ allows for wireless playback anywhere – even without a WiFi network.

Available in all colors of the rainbow to suit all tastes and occasions. That’s it. That’s Zipp.

No wires, no worries… New Libratone PlayDirect™ technology is AirPlay on-the-go! No need for a Wi-Fi network connection or complicated set-up. Libratone PlayDirect is freedom of sound made very, very easy.

Libratone PlayDirect creates a direct Wi-Fi connection between your speaker and any compatible device, making it possible to stream your audio from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or computer without the need for an in-home Wi-Fi connection. Libratone PlayDirect allows you to play your music everywhere! PlayDirect is wireless sound out of the box.

The speaker looks awesome, it sounds amazing, and the PlayDirect works like a charm. Here’s a quick unboxing…

At $449 for the speaker and $49 for extra covers, the Libratone Zipp is pricey. But so far it has impressed Elana and me far more than we expected. You can learn more and order yours here.


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