A Tale of Two (Kindle2) Cases


One of the biggest issues with the Amazon Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon cheaped out on the device by not including any sort of protective case. No, they didn’t need to include a leather case like the one that shipped with the first generation Kindle, but something – even a simple slip cover – would have been appropriate for a device with an open, vulnerable screen. They didn’t, and as a result any of us who have a Kindle and actually use it have had to scramble to find a way to protect it.

I was fortunate enough to have a case coming from M-Edge for review when I ordered my Kindle 2. Unfortunately there was going to be a 1 to 3 week gap between the Kindle and the case arriving. I was worried about protecting the device during that period of time, so as a result I ordered one of Amazon’s own cases for the interim period.

Let’s take a look at both.

First up — M-Edge Prodigy Jacket for Amazon Kindle 2

M-Edge offers a number of different cases for the Kindle 2.  Their cases offer different methods of securing the device inside, and they can open either “book-style” or “easel-style”. The Prodigy is a “book-style” case that is available in both synthetic leather and natural leather. This synthetic cases retail for $39.99, but is currently just $29.99; the genuine leather cases retell for $54.99 but is currently $44.99. If you are a stickler for beautiful leather you can pay the additional $15, but if you simply want something that will protect your Kindle, M-Edge lets you do it in style for under $30.

I like the case a great deal. The material is soft and the workmanship if excellent.


The interior of the case is a soft gray material that protects the device from scratching. The case has classic lines in a slim profile, and there is a nice tab that wraps around the opening to secure the case and ensure that Kindle remains inside at all times.


In order to secure the Kindle within the case, M-Edge takes advantage of the special mounting system Amazon wisely built into the Kindle2. At the same time however, M-Edge also added loops to secure the corners that would otherwise be free to flop around and potentially,put stress on the side with the mounts.

In all, this looks great and offers excellent protection. It is not however, without its faults.


The company opted to allow for additional material on the left side of the device, presumably to support their reading light as an additional accessory. While I understand the decision, and if I had a reading light would appreciate the choice, the end result is that the case itself is larger than it needs to be. While it isn’t a huge issue, it’s a design flaw that keeps the case from being ideal for me.

What I like —

Choice of either synthetic or natural materials at two different price points

Uses the Kindle’s own internal method for securing the device within a case

Offers two additional leather straps to keep the device even more secure

A tab wraps around the case ensuring that remains closed unless you choose to open

Reasonable prices for both materials

What needs improvement —

Case is a little bit larger than it needs to be, giving extra material on the left side of the device

M-Edge’s selection of cases for the Amazon Kindle 2 are available in a number of designs and colors and can be ordered directly from M-Edge HERE.

Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover


While I was waiting for the M-Edge case to arrive, I ordered one of Amazon’s stock cases. Since I have Amazon Prime, it arrived quickly, thereby ensuring that my device remained safe and protected.


The Amazon case is rather simple. It has a hard leather exterior and soft matching felt on the interior. In fact, the only design “feature” is the ugly exterior badge that lets you advertise the Kindle for Amazon.


The cover uses the Kindle’s built in method for securing the device, but offers nothing on the right-hand side to further secure the Kindle and keep it from torquing. Since the clips for securing the device do not rotate, one runs the risk when using the device of placing stress on the left side of the Kindle.

This is more than a little concern for me.

In addition, the Amazon case doesn’t offer any mode for securing the case itself, so at any time you can flip open.
That noted, I do love the fact that the Amazon case is as low profile as it could possibly be, and unlike the other case, does not add any additional space. It literally is a leather wrap around the Kindle; simple but effective. At $29 it’s neither expensive nor inexpensive, and it remains another good option for protecting your device.

What I Like-

Low profile, simple protection

What I Don’t-

Logo on the outside

Nothing to secure the right side of the device and keep it from torquing the clips on the left

The Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover is $29.99 direct from Amazon HERE.

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  1. I agree, Dan. I got the Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover with mine (both arrived today); but because the shipping got screwed up (it should have arrived Friday), Amazon covered the shipping AND the leather cover. I am really going to crack it open in just a bit and start a new book. We’ll see how things go… I may want a different cover/case for this, I might not…

  2. I've got the one from m-edge & like it very much. I agree, it could skip the extra space (for the light), but to have the additional security of the straps on the right side, and the strap to close the whole thing, it more than makes up for the faults. It isn't overly expensive and very secure, just what I was looking for.

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