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March 23, 2009 • Reviews

ProClip for BlackBerry 8900 – easy to install, easy to upgrade, no gooey mess

proclip 8900.jpg

In the last two years I’ve used a ProClip dashboard mount on my BlackBerry 8700, 8800, 8300, and now my 8900. What I like about this mount is that my BlackBerry is held firmly in a place where I can easily read the display and it stays up off my car seat where it could slide around onto the floor, become damaged and possibly lost from sliding out the door.

I installed my first ProClip three years ago. Because you order a model that is specific to your car make, model and year – it clicks neatly into place with no messy tape required. Since I installed it the mount has been rock solid. Each time I’ve upgraded devices I just order a new mount from ProClip. Simply unscrewing the old mount and fastening the new mount is all that’s needed to upgrade. My BlackBerry 8900 ProClip took under one minute to install as a replacement — and that includes the 30 seconds I spent admiring the new device.
ProClip sells mounts in either a swivel or static base.

The static base cannot be moved. The swivel allows you to adjust the viewing angle and is the one that I recommend.

Since the AC adapter on the BlackBerry 8900 is positioned a little lower, ProClip provides for a cutout so you can insert the adapter to power your 8900.

proclip side.jpg

Here’s another shot of my ProClip without the BlackBerry. You can see where the hole is cut out for the adapter.

proclip 8900 2.jpg

The mounts are sold in two parts.

The first is the base – which is specific to your vehicle make/model/year. These are easily searchable from ProClip’s site so you can find your exact model.

The second part is the holder which fits to your exact phone model and then attaches to the mount.

proclip explanation.jpg

Link: ProClip for BlackBerry 8900

What I Like:

– Easily replace/upgrade new mounts as you swap devices
– Sturdy
– Clicks into place – no gooey tape for most mounts

What Could Be Improved:
– NA

3 Responses to " ProClip for BlackBerry 8900 – easy to install, easy to upgrade, no gooey mess "

  1. Lex says:

    Beware of a ‘face rocket’ in case the airbag deploys. Location, location. 🙂

  2. techguy23 says:

    I asked ProClips customer service about airbags and the positions of the clips. They told me that since they custom design each mount, they take airbag placement into consideration. THey said that it's a serious matter and would not make a mount that would harm a passenger in any way.

  3. Tina says:

    ProClip for BlackBerry 8900 – easy to install, easy to upgrade, no gooey mess –

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