Review – DQ Craze

Review - DQ Craze

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  DQ Craze is a new match-3 game from Game Mill entertainment for the iPhone and iPod Touch.    Gaming got you hungry for a treat?  When you’re done playing, DQ will locate the closest Dairy Queen to you via Google Maps.

Review - DQ Craze

After the game loads you’re presented with the main menu.  You can start a new game, continue an old one, change the games options, play without any rounds, or find your nearest DQ.

Review - DQ Craze

The options screen includes adjusting the volume of the game’s built in music and sound effects (you can also listen to your own iPod music while playing the game.)  You also toggle in-game hints and help on or off.

Review - DQ Craze

Like Bejeweled and other similar match-3 games, the goal of DQ Craze is rather simple.  Using your finger you swipe one of the treats to swap its position with another adjacent treat on the board so that three of the same treats line up in a row.  You can only swap the treats horizontally or vertically.  But instead of jewels, shapes or other items, DQ Craze uses your favorite Dairy Queen treats as game tiles.  You’ll see Blizzards, Dilly Bars and all the rest of your favorite DQ treats.

Review - DQ Craze

On the bottom of the board your three customers are waiting for their orders.  Once you’ve cleared enough of the same treats the customer’s orders become ready and using your finger you swipe the items to their prospective customer.  When all three customers have been served their orders you advance to the next round.  When you match more than 3 items you’ll gain special squares, called power squares, which remove more tiles.

Review - DQ Craze

When you’ve played enough and just can’t fight that ice cream craving any longer, you can use the game to locate your nearest Dairy Queen. The games uses the iPhone’s built in Google Maps application to show you the nearest Dairy Queen location.  You can then get the address, telephone number, directions etc.

Review - DQ Craze

DQ Craze can be found in iTunes App. Store. DQ Craze requires the iPhone 2.2 software, or later.

M.S.R.P. – $2.99

What I like: Fun twist on the match-3 style games, can listen to own iPod music while playing, also locates nearest DQ.

What I didn’t like: Game is somewhat repetitive.

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  • geardiary

    Am I the only one that thinks it is highway robbery to charge for what basically amounts to an interactive DQ advertisement? I'm just sayin'…;-)

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  • lgreenberg

    Yeah, I was giving it some more thought after I re-read my review and $2.99 probably is a little high, advertisement aside. I mean even if this game wasn't branded with all the DQ stuff it seems a tad over-priced. This sort of game should be in the .99 cent range.

    The problem is that Bejeweled, which is very similar to his game, is the same price and it doesn't have the additional game features this has, even though they're minor ones.

  • I agree – the Burger King games for the X360 were pretty cheap but more full features. This should be <$1