Neato’s Robot Vacuums Add Siri Shortcuts to Their Functions

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Neato’s robot vacuums seem to be a favorite in a lot of homes, mostly because they’re some of the few that have so many built-in smart integrations including the ability to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But starting today, Neato adds a voice function that makes it even easier to command your vac from your iPhone.

Neato’s Robot Vacuums Add Siri Shortcuts to Their Functions

Last year I had the opportunity to cover the D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum, which features zone cleaning, multiple floor plans — which is great for multi-level homes, and No-Go lines — perfect for avoiding a Childs playpen, or your puppy’s treat and toy area.

Neato’s Robot Vacuums Add Siri Shortcuts to Their Functions

The D7 already including the ability to speak to Alexa or Google Assistant with a simple command, as well as Chatbot on Facebook Messenger, but starting today now you can speak directly to Siri thanks to the new integration of Siri Shortcuts. With a simple voice command from any of your Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook, you can control your Neato Vacuum with direct actions regardless of whether you’re at home on the couch or mowing the lawn.

Neato’s Robot Vacuums Add Siri Shortcuts to Their Functions

Easily the most personalized way of cleaning on command, “Hey Siri, clean my home” is a command that will get your Neato started to clean your home without having to physically press a button, even on your phone. This makes it easier if you have your hands full and don’t have the time to open up the Neato app then follow the commands there.

For more information on Neato’s integration with Siri Shortcuts, or to purchase one of their fleet of robot vacuums, you can head over to

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