DVD Dashboard

DVD Dashboard

I don’t know about you, but I walk into the DVD Rental Store and I immediately draw a blank as to what movies I’m looking for and then walk out with something that I just grabbed because I was in a hurry and got tired of scanning through the store.

So I went to the iTunes Application Store and decided I would have a look across the thousands of applications there and see if something might fit the bill.  I found database programs that facilitated me building an interface to a database that I could then store my DVDs and then I spotted DVD Dashboard and decided to take a chance.

I was looking for a program that could do the following:

I could keep several lists; Movies I had seen, Movies I wanted to see, Movies that I own and perhaps other categories that I might come up with

I also wanted the ability to quickly scan a movie database like IMDB to find say, all the movies with Harrison Ford in them in case I was standing in the movie rental store and felt like an action flick!

Store some information from the internet about the movie; actors, directors, coverflow data, Oscars.

    So I coughed up my $1.99 and here is what I got..

    DVD Dashboard comes up with the following:

    Where is my capability to add more than one list?  No there, only one list allowed without categories that would allow me to at least break my one list down with my different needs.

    So let’s look at what the application did offer..

    DVD Dashboard

    Movies can be entered and a genre applied to the movie. Hmm..

    DVD Dashboard

    The Link to IMDB brings up the Safari Browser and does a search based on the movie just created in the database.

    Back to the front screen to see what else could be completed with the application and I can import all the movies that were in my Apple iTunes Library of Movies.  But without pictures or any movie information..  Too bad I keep all my movie history in Facebook.  I can also email my list to a friend.

    Overall this looks like an early release of the software and it will require substantial upgrades to make it more useful for my requirements.  But it might be enough for you!

    The game is available on the Apple iTunes Application Store.

    MSRP: $1.99

    What I Like: The ability to create a movie list with genres, import an external list both on my iPhone

    What I don’t Like: Can’t keep multiple lists or categories(Own, Want to See, Seen),  no coverflow ability, no auto hook to IMDB, no ability search on actors, directors

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    • thehotrod11

      That stinks. I'm looking for a DVD catalog solution as well. Movie Collector from Collectorz.com is being made, but no news on when.

      I hope somebody comes out with a good solution and soon.

      Ps. Have I said how wonderful it is that I can EASILY read and post to your site from my iPhone. Thank you. Some 'iPhone only' sites aren't as easy and friendly as this one. Thank you again.

    • thehotrod11

      Have you seen the screenshots of the iPhone application Collectorz.com has released. Check their forums or their Twitter page.

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