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If you have a goatee, chances are it has happened to you.  You wake up from a less than stellar night of slumber, drag yourself in front in front of the mirror, lather your face up with shaving cream and begin to shave.  Then it happens.  You notice a slight irregularity in the shape of your goatee and decide it needs fixing.  Except when you try to even it out it just becomes worse.  Now you decide you’ll have to fix the other side.

The process repeats itself until you end up with a freshly shaven face because you were forced to shave the whole thing off.  You spend a few weeks growing your goatee back but eventually this happens again.

How can you avoid this common goatee accident from occurring you ask?  The Goatee Saver is here to save the day.  Or the beard at the very least.

There’s a saying that goes something like “don’t laugh until you try it.”  I feel the need to preface this review with it because admittedly the Goatee Saver looks a little funny.  That is, until you use it and wonder why it took you so long to do so.

The Goatee Saver is made from durable plastic and features chrome plated turnbuckles with screws to hold them securely in place.  It’s built to last.  While it feels strong, when on your face it’s not heavy and not uncomfortable to wear.

To use the device you simply adjust the turnbuckles so that the Goatee Saver widens or shrinks to fit the overall shape of your personal goatee.  Then you lather up and place the device on your face and hold it there by biting down on the rubber mouth piece located inside.  The mouth piece can also be adjusted for fit.



The Goatee Saver acts as a template and stops your razor from reaching your goatee.  You simply shave as you normally do.  It works with any type of razor, even electric ones and is meant to be used with shaving cream.

They do recommend that you trim your goatee as short as possible the first time you use the Goatee Saver. This allows for an easier tine getting your goatee even.  After your first time, you do not need to trim your goatee unless you desire to wear your goatee shorter.

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After shaving clean up is a breeze.  Because the Goatee Saver is made from durable plastic it can be cleaned by simply running it under warm water.

I found that not only does the Goatee Saver preserve my straight and even goatee it actually saves me time in the morning.  You can shave faster and more confidently knowing that your goatee is safe and will have the exact shape you desire.

I’ve even had a few friends who don’t know I use it ask me “how do you keep your goatee so straight?”  They tell me they’ve tried to grow goatees in the past, but always end up having to shave them off because they can’t manage to keep them straight.  I tell them of course to check out the Goatee Saver.

So while you might get some strange looks from family members who spot you in front of the mirror with it on, or by friends at the gym, the Goatee Saver does its job and does it well.  You might just want to use it only at home.

The Goatee Saver can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

MSRP: $19.99

What I Like: Speeds up shaving time, keeps goatee in perfect shape.

What Needs Improvement: Makes you look a little like Hannibal Lector.

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