Maverick Industries PT-100 Pro-Temp Thermometer Is a Great Tool for Home Chefs

Chefs and home cooks alike need their tools to be both quick and accurate. Maverick Industries checks both of those boxes with their PT-100 Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer. This digital thermometer with a foldout probe, half-inch white LED digits, accuracy to within 2 degrees Fahrenheit and 1 degree Celsius and a response time of 3-4 seconds, carries an MSRP of $99.99.

Photo courtesy of Maverick Industries

Photo courtesy of Maverick Industries

The Maverick Pro-Temp PT-100 has an industrial looking design, with rubberized features that provide good grip and allow for shock resistance for drops up to 3 feet onto a concrete floor. The PT-100 measures 7.4” x 2.2” x 0.7”, so it will fit perfectly in your kitchen tool drawer. The thermometer has a Type K thermocouple with the stainless steel probe. The Type K thermocouple is the most common type of thermocouple, but it’s also very accurate, reliable, and has a wide temperature range. The PT-100 can be switched between Celsius or Fahrenheit readings by pressing a hidden button on the back of the device. The thermometer is powered by three AAA batteries, which are included in the retail package. There is no “on/off” switch on the PT-100, the thermometer is powered on once you fold out the stainless steel probe. This is helpful so that you don’t waste batteries if you forget to turn it off. There is also a power save feature that turns the display off after 5 minutes of inactivity, in case you leave the probe folded out.


In addition to being shock resistant, the PT-100 is also water and dust resistant, to IP44, which is helpful when you’re cooking. Perfect for home cooks, the PT-100 has meat temperatures printed on the thermometer itself, which includes poultry, lamb, veal, beef, and pork temperatures from rare at 125 degrees Fahrenheit to well at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This was perfect for quick reference while cooking up my burgers and steaks and helped me tell exactly when to pull the meat off of the grill.


I really enjoyed using the PT-100 while cooking; it gave me accurate readings within 5 seconds of putting the thermometer inside the meat. I was able to easily cook hamburgers to medium and steaks to medium rare with zero guesswork. The handy cooking guide printed on the thermometer is, as the name suggests, pretty handy.


The design of the thermometer, with the fold out probe really helps you adjust the position of the thermometer to where you can both insert the probe into the food as well as read the LED display.   However, my biggest complaint is that the temperature reading does not rotate depending on how the thermometer is held. Other popular quick-read thermometers on the market will rotate the display so that it can be read right-side-up no matter how the thermometer is oriented.


But if you’re looking for a quick, accurate cooking thermometer, the PT-100 could be a great option for you. With its big, easy-to-read display, accurate readings, and its handy cooking guide, the Maverick Industries PT-100 is a great tool for home cooks and professional chefs, alike.

You can purchase the Maverick Industries PT-100 from Amazon.

Source: The Maverick Industries PT-100 was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Quick and accurate readings; Easy to read display; Handy cooking guide printed on the front; Shock and dust/water-resistant

What Needs Improvement: Temperature reading does not rotate

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