Cleer Audio’s Goal Is to Make Your Workouts Have Great Sound

Cleer Audio has a history of having great audio products that come complete with a modest price and a design that’s both ergonomic and stylish. And their latest creation, Goal, is even more of what you’d expect from the company. Cleer Audio’s Goal Is to Make Your Workouts Have Great Sound Cleer’s Goal truly wireless sports earbuds are designed for optimal workout performance, complete with a comfortable Freebit ergonomic fit that secures the buds in your ear so you can move around the gym or even on a run outdoors without them falling out of your ears. In terms of battery life, they are on par with most wireless buds on the market, promising you six hours of continuous playback with two extra charges from the case.

According to Clear, Goal earbuds are virtually weightless and will feel right at home in your ears for that hour workout or even if you’re casually listening to podcasts at work. I’m very interested in the built-in echo cancellation call technology that they claim will result in clearer calls, backed with Bluetooth 5.0 for more trusted connectivity.

Cleer Audio’s Goal Is to Make Your Workouts Have Great Sound Also, in the Goal earbuds, you’ll get a custom-tuned 14mm dynamic driver that will not only pump up the bass while lifting but will make sure you can still hear the lyrics of your favorite tracks. And if you have to stop to carry on a conversation, the onboard touch controls allow for gesture taps to play/pause, or even activate your favorite voice assistant. The only thing missing from the GOAL in terms of specs has to be the 100 hours of battery life like the Enduro 100 over ears and noise cancellation. But at $99, you’re getting a fantastic waterproof pair of earbuds that will have you questioning why you even considered those “Pods.”

For more information on Cleer’s “Goal” Sport True Wireless Earbuds, you can head directly to their site today.

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